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The swan lake 天鹅湖

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6-4, 6-2,

Played really well @ Kissena.

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Maria retired and no one cares

The courts become quieter, which is great 网球场上安静了好多 … 谢谢退阵

2020.3.03: Immediately after Maria Sharapova announced her retirement last week, Serena Williams was trending on Twitter.

Perhaps unfairly, hoards of tennis fans chose to remember Sharapova as the woman Serena beat 20 times rather than for any of her achievements.

Unlike in other sports, when a retirement announcement sees a flood of tweets from former teammates and competitors, Sharapova’s official goodbye didn’t lead to an outpouring of memories on social media, at least not from many of her peers.

And especially not from Serena.

Sharapova’s 16-year battle with Serena

Sharapova and Serena had a very frosty relationship during the 16 years in which they both played on the WTA tour, with Sharapova infamously saying they’d ‘never be friends’ in 2017.

When Sharapova won her first grand slam by beating Serena at Wimbledon in 2004, the sport thought it had its new princess and a budding rivalry.

But that rivalry never materialised, at least not on court.

Serena and Sharapova met 22 times, and Serena won 20 of those matches – a 90.9 winning percentage for Serena.

Yet Sharapova has a thinly veiled dislike of Serena, and the feeling is mutual.

In her 2016 memoir, Sharapova wrote fairly extensively about her opponent, admitting that at the 2002 Wimbledon champions ball her “body just would not let me” stand to salute that year’s winner, even as the rest of the room welcomed Serena, who had just won the singles title over Venus and the doubles title with Venus, with an ovation.

Somewhat bizarrely, Serena shows up on the second page of the prologue in Sharapova’s memoir.

“Serena Williams has marked the heights and limits of my career,” Sharapova wrote.

“Our stories are intertwined. I approach every match against her with trepidation and respect … I’ve beaten all the players who have beaten Serena, but it’s been nearly impossible for me to beat Serena herself.”

Why Sharapova thinks Serena hates her

The first time they played one another, in Miami in 2004, Sharapova described Serena thusly: “Her physical appearance is much stronger and bigger than you realise watching TV. She has thick arms and thick legs and is so intimidating and strong. And tall, really tall.”

In reality, Sharapova is about five inches taller than Serena, but clearly she had a picture to paint. And it’s not a nice one.

According to Sharapova, in the locker room after her win against Serena in the 2004 final, Serena collapsed into “guttural, heaving sobs.”

“It went on and on. I got out as quickly as I could, but she knew I was there,” she wrote.

“People often wonder why I have had so much trouble beating Serena; she’s owned me in the past ten years. My record against her is 2-19.

Maria Sharapova, pictured here after beating Serena Williams to win Wimbledon in 2004.View photos
Maria Sharapova shocked the world by beating Serena Williams to win Wimbledon in 2004. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
“In analysing this, people talk about Serena’s strength, her serve and confidence, how her particular game matches up to my particular game, and, sure there is truth to all of that; but, to me, the real answer was there, in this locker room, where I was changing and she was bawling.

“I think Serena hated me for being the skinny kid who beat her, against all odds, at Wimbledon.

“But mostly I think she hated me for hearing her cry. She’s never forgiven me for it.

“Not long after the tournament, I heard that Serena told a friend, who then told me, ‘I will never lose to that little b*tch again.”

莎娃退休 没人出声
一般球员正式告别后, 会导致社交媒体上的记忆泛滥,尤其同行之间. 但是莎娃非但没有,小威反而上了热搜. 二妞同事16年: 交手22次, 莎娃输了20次.
她的第二个赢来自2004温网. 据她自己写 “比赛结束后不久, 小威告诉一个朋友, 那个朋友告诉我: “小威发誓从此不会再输过那个小婊子” I will never lose to that little b*tch again. 哈哈哈 小威信守了自己的诺言

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The Acadia

Hiking the Great Head @ Bar Harbor, Maine and a little yoga seems fitting.

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Beethoven’s weekend

A musical weekend at the Berkshires with a little yoga

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Naked women

Four beautiful photos from 2019, 1991, 1981 and 2015 – paying tribute to the 1981 photo.

Megan Rapinoe (right) won 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup; and gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics in London. Recently she’s in the news a lot. Demi Moore in 1991 and Nastassja Kinski with boa constrictor, shot by Richard Avedon in 1981.

… 34 years later, Jennifer Lawrence and Patrick Demarchelier did a tribute to Avedon and Kinski, a model and actress who played the lead role Tess that was directed by Roman Polanski a in 1979. (Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate was Tess but she was murdered in 1969…)

The result of 2015 photo is pretty neat and equally beautiful.

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1 & 3

Having a very good game day: using my brain; not many mistakes. Should keep on doing it more often.

A blue day

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Nicolas Mahut lost to Leonardo Mayer on Friday 5.31 in Round of 32 @ French Open, on Court  Simonne-Mathieu – better known for playing the longest match and lost to John Isner in 2010 @ Wimbledon. Mahut wanted to advance to play Federer (who doesn’t?), both are 37 years old in the next round. He was upset and sad, his seven years old son ran to him and hugged him. It was very moving, everyone, included Mayer clapped.

One set, 7-6 (8)

Given what’s going on right now (such as trade war …), I suddenly moist eyed and philosophical: people drawn to sport, by doing it or watching it, is because sport is the last resort to represent sportsmanship and for being equal and fair. In that, I mean, if you want to play tennis, you’ve to adhere to the common rules and etiquettes, NOT your rule. It’s a great metaphor, teaching us the life lesson. As big a persona as Serena who suffers many unfair and unjustified calls and penalties on crucial moment during her matches, she still comes to play because she is NOT bigger than the sport itself. Getting beaten in a match isn’t always bad – don’t you want to play with better players to improve? I know I do. In fact, a stronger opponent will make you a better player.

Many times, when the better player wanted to play but couldn’t find an equal, they would play with a handicap: some offered me a point or two, while others offered playing with the other hand. But once I get closer to their level, I should and would play straight, on an equal footing. It’s only fair.

前个星期五 (5.31) 法国的马胡 Mahut 输给了阿根廷的梅耶 Mayer之后有点儿失落. 他七岁的儿子跑到他身边安慰他,拥抱他. 这感人的一幕, 每个人, 包括梅耶都拍手鼓励.


体育运动备受瞩目追捧 是因为它代表 公平 友好 平等


任何一个社区或者组织都有自己的规章制度. 想要成为它的一员, 就必须它的遵守规章制度 – 不是自己的规章制度. 小威这么成功. 比赛期间的关键时刻, 遭受过许许多多不公平和不合理的处罚. 但是她仍然参加比赛. 因为她并不比网球运动本身更大.
另外, 在比赛中遭遇挫折并不总是坏事 – 难道你不想和更好的球员一起打, 得以改进吗? 我知道我一直这样做. 事实上,一个更强大的对手会让你成为更好的球员 = 站在巨人的肩膀上, 视野都宽阔些.
很多时候,当更好的球员想要打但却找不到合适的对手时,他们会让步:一些人给了我一两点,还有一个哥们儿用另外一之手 … 但是一旦我接近他们的水平,我应该放弃优惠, 在平等的基础上打; 这只是公平合理.


Nicolas Mahut being consoled by his son after loss is the best French Open moment

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New York Open

Monday. Cloudy. Grey. Empty. Relaxing.
Not a bad experience except the terrible line calls. For qualifying matches, there’s no challenge – no recourse. vid 1, vid 2 & v3. Hope in the near future NYO will attract better players.

  • One player is named Tennys. No kidding.
  • One looks like a con man – don’t  you think his outfit is stale?
  • One player looks like a pirate. … All in good humor.


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Serena vs Federer in Hopman Cup

A great mixed doubles match, Americans Tiafoe/Williams vs Federer/Bencic. Format is shorter. 1:00:07

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