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We Can Help China Embrace the Future

A sensible article by Tony Blair on WSJ’s Opinion page.  He sees the rising of the East isn’t a threat but an enormous opportunity, resonating with Michael Bloomberg‘s.  Interestingly, Blair compares China to USA and mentioned USA few times.  A worldly man.  I have always admire him more than any Brit PMs in the recent history.  And his unwaving pro US stance has certainly gained my approval when as tradition, the most European heads of state are on the other side of the spectrum.   Bashing Washington might get you elected (short term) but it won’t fix your problem (long term).  Bashing China would yield the same result.  The East is the timely opportunity, seize it before too late.  Don’t be left behind.

I had somewhat expected him to sell London’s 2012 summer game.  He mentioned it too, at the end.

McCain and Obama are too busy throwing dirt at each other.  They should spend more time/money on their policy, how to change this country and how to deal with the rising East to benefit this country.  One comment posted that “Blair was a more lucid spokesman for American interests than was our own president.”  I agree.  China matters.

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The New Kids on the Block

I heard people gossiping about little brawl broken out between Moscow and Georgia. The assassin stepped down from presidency to be PM and now turned to be a bully. The West can’t do a thing. America’s army ties down in the Mid east. Might it be the French or German’s turn to police the world?

I couldn’t remember seeing it or read about it, but during one of Phelps’ eight gold medal podium moments (the 6th I think), the US national anthem was cut short, while Bushes were in attendance. ‘Got the land of the free but apparently the home of the brave was no longer available. Did someone foreclose?’ as one writer asked. So I wasn’t the only anal one who noticed, and I wasn’t the only boring one who even linger for the ceremony.

A technical error, or sour grape over one Yankee’s hauling up so many gold?  OR .. they meant business??

I was upset. US deserves respects. Beside, a good host would never embarrass her guest.  You want to make them feel welcome and comfortable.  That’s hospitality 101.  I happened to like the The Star Spangled Banner and love to hear it in its entirety.

There are many other ways to show off your rising power and influence.

New money never smells good and feels right.

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Funny or poor taste

Ok, I may have to spend some time in jail .. jk .. by link to this one. It’s funny or poor taste is up to everyone’s imagination. The guy, a trader got fired by Citi over his saucy website. Citi has less humor than ?? 

Oh well, Michael Phelps just won his third Gold, set a new world record in the process.  Girls did well too.  All in all, the swimming is done well today, each event has won by an American and one other American managed silver or broze.

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What do golf, Formula One and US presidential race in common? Come on, you can guess that easily. Black man. Strictly speaking, mix-raced person with dark skin more then the other half. The phenomenon in the Formula One in Europe now is the 22 years old Lewis Hamilton, an English whose grandfather Davidson was from Grenada in the West Indies, mother Carmen a white.

Formula One is the top level in auto racing. Danica Patrick is the IndyCar racer, the American open wheel racing, as vs the NASCAR, the stock cars. F-1 used to be the sports for the titled Europeans. Steffi Graf dated driver Michael Bartels for seven years. He was a F-3 driver, never qualified for F-1. In the US, there are two types of auto racing (in general), Grand prix, open wheel and the stock car. I think the sport is changing too. In the past, the drivers had the air of a gentleman and cultured. Not sure that still applies today, especially when he is only 22. This isn’t to say that the younger ones won’t develop to be sophisticated adults.

Long ago, when Golfer spotted the news that Formula One was going to build a track in Zhuhai in the SEZ, he said he’ll visit China when it opens. Years late, the track relocated to Shanghai.  It opened for business for a few years, but Golfer had since lost his appetite for China.

However, he did drag me to a NASCAR race in PA.  The Andretti family is from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Father Mario has all three: F-1, Indy and NASCAR.  It was a gorgeous day.  But each exits were so far apart in the Poconos, we failed to gauge the distance (map quest hasn’t become popular) correctly and missed the parade and the starting of the race. Once we sat down, I noticed we were the only Asians in a Pacific Ocean of large sized rednecks.  They all well prepared for the race: huge coolers and chips.  The sound of chip chewing was drown by the nosier, no the ear splitting cars.  After the race, the party moved from the bleachers to the parking lot.  Needless to say, we stranded there for another 2 more hours.  Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I would rather be at some other place .. no telling Golfer, I’m a supportive, mute and obedient wife.

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Black people are not allowed into bars in Beijing

Wow .. wondering if Al Sharpton knew any of this, that the South China Morning Post reported Friday that the crackdown on bars included police forcing bar managers in the popular Sanlitun district to sign agreements pledging not to allow black people into bars during the Olympic Games, as well as other “undesirable” elements.

I think what’s happened here is CNN = I have no clue.

Of course the local authorities and bar managers denied the report. But I’m amused that this thought was even entertained.

Can someone light me up: what’s the Olympic footballgames?  CNN reported that’ll be played in Worker’s Stadium. I knew soccer and the New York Giants.  Olympic football?  You got me there.

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China Presses Injured Athletes in Quest for Gold

Ouuch. I often fret about the fairness of competition between the government funded and free willing. In a way, I reckon in the end things are pretty equal?  How’s to say those athletes are ‘forced’?  They could forgo the temptation of fame/money, be what they were before.  I’m not justifying the treatment or pressure of the government, Central or provincial, but China is free enough for its citizens to do pretty much they wish – the fact he made such claim that he’d like to quit through the team interpreter showed there is a large degree freedom.  Take it like a man. 

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Good education but poor upbringing 有教育没教养

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

By Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
~ . ~ . ~
Chinese has good education but no upbringing. Ok, let me rephrase it, Chinese who with adequate to excellent education lack the social grace or basic upbringing, severely. (file 21628)

There are moments that left me exasperated. Like, a good buddy who opens a new can of tennis balls, but so routinely discard the thin tin lid on to the ground. I didn’t know to pick it up or left it laying there. If there isn’t a garbage can in sight, why can’t the player put it back to the can??? I found litterbugs on private court too – cap, tin and tissue.

One day the four of us playing. The wife of one player started to jump (warming up) around, next to the court. When the owner who sat outside of the court watching, asked her to do it elsewhere, she replied,
“It’s ok, I prefer it here.”
During the match, she would give comments and critics, mostly to her husband. It’s very annoying. Even her hubby asked her to stop.
After the match, Peter and I walked out of the court. His face turned purple from anger.
“这个女人真没教养.” .. This woman has no decent upbringing ..
“She’s too much.”

The couple are from the most elite university in Beijing.  She’s a decent player, ought to know the etiquette or acceptable social behavior.

Well, Irene reckoned, anyway.

Lou travels to China so often that he’s grievances are arm long: people in China would never holds the door for the followers, and as you can see, there are plenty followers in China, 1.3b to be exact .. thinking Manhattan is packed? Multiply that crowded four or six times.

When someone cut line, he would yell out loud, and the line cutter would look at him surprised, why does this man act so rude?

The ladies in Shanghai would still go out in their PJs and hair in rollers.. and they talk loud ..

Oh, about the spitters.
“They all have good qi gong.” Sucking it up from their stomach to their throat and spit it out so professionally, that they’ll make Leonardo DiCaprio looked amateurish on that Titanic.
“And they can do it so clean” not all over their face. And when they clean their nose, they don’t use tissue, they use one figure close off one side of their nostril,
“Man, they can do it so clean” not all over their face.

Some one told me that when the the school bags were passed out at the earthquake area, the kids would mobbed the truck.
“Can’t they wait on line one by one?? Every child will get one!!”

Shanghai has enough hardware that people often find Manhattan looked like the third world. Beijing has a face lift that makes DC looked like Baghdad. But you know what, I love living in the third world where people has more culture and decent upbringing.

My cousin once chatted with me, saying how modern Shanghai is, then ruefully said, “.. .. the air is bad ..”
You know what, there is a certain cost in building a sky scraper, only that much, compare to replace the air. How do you do it? I don’t think US$300m could even filter it.

The first time I landed in JFK, I had a draw string handbag and was lazy to tie it up – maybe I just trust NY that much. In the short distance from the seat of the aircraft to the line at luggage pickup, there were four people with various accents (New York too) reminded me to be careful.

First day at Village (in downtown), I was too busy snapping pictures and looking at the street vendors, I bumped into few people (one was a bus boy because later I sat at a cafe where he worked), and all of them said “I’m sorry”.

If it’s were in Hong Kong, people would stare at you, then goes
“Why the heck you got into my way” was more likely the out come of the clash.

One night at a reception where 40 or so (predominately Chinese from main land, the Consul General Peng Keyu was on hand too) raise US$88k for the earthquake victims. At the end, the speaker stood around entertained few questions. One good looking woman who works at a hedge fund with an eye popping diamonds was being assertive, kept on talking to the speaker beyond tolerable time. Few times the speaker tried to end the conversation – he first did it sutley but eough for everyone to notice, but she just kept on throwing more irrelevant questions. Finally he lost his patience, aburtly turned to me, held out his hand,
“Hi, I’m Joseph Fuller ..”
Woman, we weren’t listening to your insightful world view. Didn’t your husband pay enough attention to you?  We were waiting for you to take your exit voluntarily and in a timely fashion.  Like eating at a table, you shouldn’t hugging up all the food and should always ask when you want to take the last piece – my teenage kids know.  Why would those people invite humiliation? They all seemed education.  But where is the good manner?  No social grace at all.

If I see a Chinese in front of me (about to enter a door), I’m kind of prepare to fend for myself with it.  If I’m the one who’s holding the door for the Asian that follows me, I won’t be surprised not to hear a ‘thank you’.
It’s perfectly fine, I’m just a door man. It’s my job.
I always say thank you to the door man, even it’s his job.

One day at the subway, a lady with a baby and stroller was at the end of the long stairs. Two Asian men passed by. I walked up and held one side of the stroller. As on cue, Pumpkin went to the other side, helped out.  It’s weekend, and what’s so hard to help?  Don’t you feel great that you can be of a help?  Givers are always happier than takers!!!

不是三代做官不知穿衣吃饭, so true.

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Heading to Flushing is a joy now, even it is still dirty, crowded and smell bad.  The new pool made me eager to go.  The locker is very jammed, short benches were always full with bags and stuff, we basically got on top of each other!  The floor is always watery.  A cleaner comes in from time to time, she does it pretty nastily, splatter all over the place.  That reminds me of the new Equinox opened in our town.  that I tried out.  The cleaners would mop away a single sweat quickly and quietly, as if they were invisible.  Of course, there is the initiation fee $150 and $110 per month ..

When it first opened, the water heater wasn’t working, the water was cold.  To me, it’s heaven, not only I had the pool all to myself, I even shed couple of minutes off of my 40 laps run – that’s a lot.  I was just about to join, then on the fouth day, the heater worked properly and the temperture jumped to 85° or so, aqua classes began and many walkers started to show up.  So that ended my run.

Back to Flushing pool.  It’s only $75 per year, bring your own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and towel. Oh, no steam room either. .. .. some slow swimmers would clog the lane!  Don’t they have the slightest of coutesy?  Many Asians.  Haven’t seen this many naked Asian women and Speedos.  Why Americans don’t like Speedo?

When I took the kids to swim in Beijing, one young guy working there seemed very friendly to us and volunteered to help King.  But on our third visit there, he was bit annoyed, “ok, this is the last time I’ll allow him to wear this shorts.”  King had on a bright yellow bathsuit – long, baggy like homeboy.
“?? This IS a swimsuit.” I told him.
He’s mad now. “What do you take me for? Haven’t I been nice to him?”
“You think I don’t know any better? .. Just becasue you’re from America? .. ..”
Lord, wait a second. I wasn’t thinking. Looked around the pool, everyone had those speedos, if not the Speedo, it would still be tight, short and slinky..  So the next day I bought him a Speedo.  And I was told “Mom, it’s too small!”

It seems only US uses inches and the rest of the world is using metrics ..the Americans use pj for swimming, while the Europeans and Asians are into the sexy and slinky Speedos, And it’s American men getting caught while their pants down.  Hmmmm ..

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Ethnic minorities in China

Tibet is only one of 55 ethnic minorities in China, totalling 123m, or 9% to han Chinese.  I was reading the dream theater forums, someone there mentioned that “fuck tibet, there are many minorities suffering in china that don’t get any attention because they don’t have a rockstar lama in orange filling stadiums.” ha ha ha .. he’s right on the cue.  If the human rights are so concerned with repression, have they checked on other 54 groups yet?  Bet they don’t get much of press for doing so .. so no donation would pouring in .. so not worth doing it. What’s the agenda behind this Tibet thing, and who’s behind it? Thought of Martha Burk (be sure to read on the comments that followed) at the Augusta in 2003, protesting all-male membership policy? Give me a break – you give women a bad name!! Why doesn’t she shelter few working girls or starving young mothers or abused wives?  Forcing a private club to change its rule?  Isn’t America still a free country?

  •  2003.02.20, PBS

2015.01.25: Australian Open is going on right now. Tennis and golf are two handful sports where women are paid, in general, as much as men.
Although I don’t play and follow golf. But I did know when Martha Burk picketing the Augusta National Golf Club in 2003, see above.
For women in tennis, they’re paid on equal footing as the men. But they play best of three sets. Not sure it’s the right thing to do. Why don’t they change to best of five, at least for the last two rounds, semi and final? If you ask paid as much as men, you should be doing as much as men too, period.

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The torch relay will go on

So China goes on.  WTG … Don’t forget that two opium wars didn’t crack open its door.  Mounting pressure to flex its currency didn’t work either.  I doubt China would give in to Tibet.  Take my word, UK would have a hell to pay for not attending its opening ceremony, especially their London game comes in just 4 years,  and most importantly UK has far less cloud than the US.  What the 10 Downing Street is thinking?

Go China Go …

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