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On the rock

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Jimmy Ma

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The state park is huge.
image image image image image image image image image image


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golfer’s first outing ..

Marina Park in Brooklyn.
It’s a nice day and saw a cute white car -:). The Verrazano Bridge charges half the rate $5.5 for SI residents and $11.06 for NYS and $16 other states. First time saw it.
IMG_7494 IMG_7489 IMG_7501

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Highest Paid Female Athletes 2014

According to Sporteology:

  1. Maria Sharapova, Earnings: $27.1 million, 5 grand slam titles
  2. Li Na, Earnings: $18.4 million, 2 grand slam titles
  3. Serena Williams, Earnings: $16.3 million, 18 grand slam titles
  4. Caroline Wozniacki, Earnings: $13.7 million, 0 grand slam title
  5. Danica Patrick, Earnings: $13 million
  6. Victoria Azarenka, Earnings: $9.7 million, 2 grand slam titles
  7. Kim Yuna, Earnings: $9 million
  8. Ana Ivanovic, Earnings: $7.2 million, 1 grand slam title
  9. Agnieszka Radwanska, Earnings: $6.9 million, 0 grand slam title
  10. Yani Tseng, Earnings: $6.1 million

Danica Patrick is an American racing car driver who also models whom I followed for a while. Kim Yuna is a South Korean former figure skater and Yani Tseng, a Chinese golfer from Taiwan. Wenxue & sina

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The golf courses and tennis courts

  • Bethpage Black: green $150, club rental $40, ele cart 18 hole $34
  • Bethpage Red: $96
  • Long Island National golf club: $59?
  • Montauk Downs, state park: $96, club $34, cart $17 single $34 double
  • Harbor Links: $113, car $22 pp

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100 Double Ten Tennis Tournament

June 25, 2011 NJ

Saturday June 25 2011
Washington Township Tennis Club
620 Pascack Rd
Township of Washington, NJ 07676-4323
(201) 666-6121

We won it! In the final Jerry and I (7.0) out played the 7.5 from the get go in a timed match. Something to talk about.

Remember its sportsmanship that count, not gamesmanship. Congratulate to my comrades and thank you. Have fun at the tennis camp.

I just got this new toy Babolat’s Roland Garros edition: it feels great and does wonder, maybe it can cook dinner and serve drink too if I explore it more.
I’ve been using the left over from my kids and then using Pumpkin’s Andy Roddick Pure Drive, which is about 11 oz. When Pumpkin first purchased, I didn’t like it due to its weight. But when I broke one of the rockets, I began to use it and began to like it.

Afterward we went to A Taste of Shanghai in Flushing, had a tasty dinner.

The exciting tournament is coming soon: Sat., June 25 at Washington Township tennis club. You will meet many old and new tennis friends on that day. 23 teams and more than 140 players will attend this big event.

The court will be open at 9:00am. The first match, advance men and senior men will begin at 9:30am.

The “100 Double Ten Tennis Tournament” will be hosted jointly by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York and New Jersey Chinese Tennis Association on Saturday, June 25th, 2011for celebrating 100 birthday of Republic of China.

The match schedules – we’re team 1 that starts at 3:30pm

The followings are the tournament information and rules:

  • Team:

Each team consists of 6 players, or 3 pairs of Doubles in the order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Doubles.
There will be 6 flights:

  1. Men’s A: USTA rating 4.0 or above
  2. Men’s B: USTA rating 3.5 or lower
  3. Advanced women : USTA rating 4.0 or above
  4. Senior men
  5. Advanced Mixed Doubles: combined rating 8.0 or above
  6. Intermediated Mixed Doubles: combined rating 7.0 or lower

Due to limited number of courts, each flight will accept a maximum of four teams.

  • Format:
  1. Under each Flight, every team will play round robin against each other.
  2. 3 matches play by the order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Double against other teams with 8- games Pro set method (first to win 8 games by two wins the match).
  3. No-Ad scoring will be used. If the game is tied at 40-40, the receiver has the choice for which side to take the serve. For mixed doubles, the server must sever to the same gender.
  4. Winning team will be decided by the total matches won. Winning two courts wins a match. If points are tied within 2 teams, then courts and games will be counted.
  • Captains responsibilities:
  1. Make sure all players are ready when called for the match.
  2. Spin a Racquet to determine who serves first prior the 5-minutes warm up.
  3. No need to change sides after games.
  4. Turned off your cell phone during match play.
  5. Leave the balls on court, and report scores to the tournament desk immediately after your match. All players (winners and losers) report scores, as accuracy is important.
  • Cost: $120 per team
  • Schedule:  To be announced
  • Award and Gift (Winner trophies will be presented by the tournament organizers and event sponsor)

The winning team in each Flight will be awarded 6 trophies.
All attending players will receive a player gift.

  • Recognition:  Sponsors: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Margaret Lam, Dr. Kenneth Chang, Dr. Andy Chang, Dr. Timothy Chang, Dr. Morris Hawn.  Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and NJCTA provide event planning and organizing.
  • Drinks and food will be provided.

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June 1 match

Captain Cuthbert forfeited two courts, gave ys a sweep. 10 players roster to fill five courts/8 players seemed bit stretched. Reportedly the girl who served me a bagel was on Wong’s team last season. So it isn’t in the stone that once a player played on the team s/he is bond to stay, forever. Shifting alliances do happen in the league.

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The season finale

Their last game of the season vs North at home’s close contested, they lost 15-16. They were leading most of the times. More pix on FB, video


a heartbreaking season finale

the time out

my view to the right: the baseball field...

her weapon

a little celebration

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Field of Dreams

This part of the school athletic fields I seldom visit. They’re pretty much in demand because many times they’re being used by other schools or groups. Sunday mornings are always reserved for the baseball men, even on Mother’s Day. Baseball is called the summer game, boys of the summer. I don’t really have patient for it but I like to play the game myself. There is a commanding feeling when you are at base, ready to swing the bat. The entire diamond field is at attention, despite the pitcher is considered the heart of the game.

Some day, I will play it again. Some day.


Field of Dreams

pitcher, the center of the attention

the player .. running off the bat

meet the parents ..

the umpire

the coach

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