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A little too late

I kind of miss the boat: they’re closing for the season next week, 8.16. But my hesitation for not going to this pool is the life guards are pushing people out ever earlier – they do that consistently, year after year. The up side is I normally have the pool to myself. The shower room is ok.

The pond is quite nice with blue sky in a portrait setting. As I was going in, two kids are playing merrily with the water hose.


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I see Picasso 看到毕加索

I see Picasso [呲牙] 看到毕加索.

When I finished my 1,100 m on Thursday, I thought I could beat Roger … but that was two days ago. This morning played three sets and lost 1,2, and 4.

三小时 一万步 占尽天时地利优势
… 不谈伤心的事 讲讲艺术🎨



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1,000 m

Christopher Morley. Could have done more but I thought time was running out. One of the female life guards was a jerk.

“Excuse me, what time is it?”
“I can’t tell you … I don’t know … ”

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Got my park pass today, $34 for three years, and did 1250 yard in the pool.

Wimbledon is coming to an end. Looking at the players who are still standing, four of them have won 76 grand slam singles since 1995, over their long career. The longevity, Serena is on the pro tour for 24 years, is almost unheard of, which leaves very little for the rest of the players, male and female. Many slam-less  players would have won, but because of the four, they’re likely to retire without wining at least one grand slam title.

Roberto Bautista Agut never wins a slam but his prize money is $10 million as of now. So he’s doing more than ok. In comparison, Roger won $124 million and Serena $88 million, in spite of her three slam titles more than Roger.

  1. Serena Williams: 23 37: 1981.9.26; turned pro in 1995, first win 1999F
  2. Roger Federer: 20 37: 1981.8.8; 1998, 2003W
  3. Rafael Nadal: 18 33: 1986.6.03; 2001, 2005F
  4. Novak Djokovic: 15 32: 1987.5.22; 2003, 2008A
  5. Simone Halep: 1 27: 1991.9.27; 2006, 2018F
  6. Roberto Bautista Agut: 0 31 1988.4.14

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A paddled weekend

The paddle boat (Sun Dolphin goes for $665 on Amazon) is very functional (seems every home around Elm Lake owns one – I love it); the paddle board is a lot of fun too.



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Kayaking on the Hudson

Kayake @ Pier 26. We were waiting for our food @ City Vineyard, so I went over to check.
“What time is it?” The girl asked.
“6:59” I said, looking at my phone.
“Ok, you’ll be the last one.


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The pool

The club decided to renovate this pool, no swimming till 2018. The counters in the locker room have been replaced and tiles on the walls are replaced as well.

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On my back

A little milestone today: I did 1100 and 600 was backstroke.
I haven’t been swimming free style for a while since the bike fall last October. I could do a few laps of free but that’s it. Not for long.

I never learned the backstroke but just kind of do it. Today, I did it for long and happy with the result.

My little bathing cap, goggles and bottle of tea are the witness -:).

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I’m terrible …

Does Kosuke Hagino resemble an old country woman? This is 200m individual medley swimming @ Rio 2016 where Michael Phelp won the gold and Wang Shun of China came in 3rd – he’s pretty tall – 6’3″.

image RIOEC8703DEMR_768x432 image

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You stink 你好臭!

2016-08-14 (1)
加拿大主播 辱骂中国14岁游泳女孩:散发着臭味令人讨厌  – waking up to read “Canadian anchor hurls insult to the 14 years old Chinese female swimmers: bad odor, this time the world’s Internet users angry”. I thought to myself, lord, what the heck has happened while I was asleep? Click open the post, the blog claims that (they) 忘关话筒 导致评论遭直播 forgot to shut the microphone lead to comments being broadcast. (Not sure it’s an off line comment.) There are three screenshots with Byron McDonald’s comment, and Chinese translation underneath.

image image image

  1. McDonald said, That little 14 year old from China dropped the ball baby. The Chinese translation is 那个中国的14岁选手发生了失误
  2. went out like stink … 散发着臭味的出现 … for which, it translated into The emergence of a bad odor
  3. died like a pig …死得像头猪

Translations of 1 and 3 are ok but 2 is way off: there is no way I would and could believe a sportcaster would say something like this because swimmers all smell chlorine. Given the context, I guessed that like stink means she got off to a good/quick start – this dictionary confirms. Within a few hours after posting, the blog has gathered more than 2000 comments, overwhelmingly angry toward the sportcaster and many are demanding an apology. My comment got 1 thumb up but the four comments below have thousands, from 6,696 to 2,185.


Calling a girl pig isn’t nice but I think it’s the misunderstanding of went like stink got the Chinese netizens worked up. Below, another site titles CBC解说员辱骂中国14岁游泳运动员,这一次全球网民都愤怒了. On August 14, three days later:

2016-08-14 (3) 2016-08-14 (1) 2016-08-14 (2)

The first red ink translated “went out like stink and died like a pig” as ‘发臭的死猪‘ = smelly dead pig in English. I don’t know what to say because it’s grossly incorrect.

Canada is a liberal country (more so than USA where political correctness reigns), and it’s sportscasters are rawer and ruder than American counterparts. Sports are for fun, is a form of entertainment after all. The sportscasters are entertainers. They aren’t being paid handsomely to read bible 老三篇, they’re paid to entertain us.

China is the most populous country and it’s relatively easy to gather up votes online. I hope the Chinese netizens use their power carefully.

It seems, China has developed an appetite for forcing an apology. Reportedly, they tried to extract an apology from Mack Horton after his comment on Sun Yang’s drug cheat (CNNStuff, News, Cosmo …) but was refused, The Guardian reported, at the same Rio Olympic. It shows you’re insecure and unsophisticated – as just climbed down from the trees – Putin’s word (…you know, and probably need to have … the dirt washed out of their beards and hair), it’s hard to get respect. You may extract an apology but you won’t get respect, which is what Chins is craving for.

If you want to play in the big boy league like a grownup – major league (I mean the world stage, and not just in sport but every aspect …) you can’t cry so easily so often. You need to behave like a grownup IF you want to be treated like a grownup.

Also, the 14 years old might owe McDonald a hearty thank you – given the competitive commercial value: he notice her and talked about her.

The full blog:


早上起来看到朋友圈有人转发的微博,标题是:加拿大主播 辱骂中国14岁游泳女孩:散发着臭味令人讨厌.  我心想怎么可能?打开一看,啼笑皆非:

  1. 不知道写这个博客的人是不懂这个英文俚语还是故意博眼球 – went like stink 是俚语 = 游的很快. 我很惊讶这种哗众取宠+误导的微博居然可以在几个小时内 2000 多条comments. 这些人没有辨别是非的能力吗?
  2. 中国人怎么这么不化?想在大世界里面混,是不是应该有点信心,表现的像个成年人?动不动就去告老师/找妈妈, 谁还喜欢和你玩呀?
  3. 读者没有辨别是非/真假的能力吗?太容易被煽动利用了吧?

我觉得14岁的小姑娘应该感谢这个播音员. 他注意到她了. 在这个极度商业化的社会里,他的几句话就是免费的广告.

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