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6-3, 3-1

An unfinished game, on a gorgeous day. It rained last night but the sprinklers are busy at work.


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Low tide

3-6 and 4-6. A bike by the water and rainbow kayaks.

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Singles only

No doubles! Playing singles is tiring but the up side is, you need less time.

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The graduation of 2020

7-6 (7-5) and 6-0: we all played well, on a glorious June day. On the face of the covid-19 pandemic, the graduation is going on, just a slightly different. Good luck kids!!

Again, a guard came to check players’ ID. You would think that after yesterday’s check, the players will think twice to come again. Unbelievably, that wasn’t the case. They came as usual and after being shoo away, one of them came back in, wanting to play again. Oh boy, don’t they have a thread of dignity?

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Five sets and I couldn’t remember my own name.

A security guard in his dark blue suit came to check, which is good, so us, the residents can enjoy the uncrowded courts. The courts in our town are for the residents only but there are people who take advantage of the honor system by coming here to play, some even taught/coached and held tournaments for fees. Very unseemly conduct.

Two of the players I knew and played with a few times, spread out on the court wait for their friend to come while people are waiting for a court. When the guard asking them for ID, one of them, an elderly guy bs his way out, to remain on the court.

Don’t they know or care what they did give a bad name … ?

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The South High

… and my beloved orchids. 6-3, 6-2 … a boring game.


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Two matches in a day

6-0, 6-4 n 6-2.

The covid-19 made us to hibernate for the past few months. This, is what I’m  looking like now … ok, just kidding but not too far away from this. The oyster mushroom stick was purchased last Tuesday, May 28. With little water it mushroomed.

🎾 3-0 [愉快] 亲们 冬眠几个月没见 大家都好? ⇑ 这是好吃好喝的结果 [呲牙]
🍄 一个星期了 [色]

.. and the second match of the day, in the evening. Peacock and I played two 4.0 guys. Was he trying to prove that he could take on two aggressive men singlehandedly?

Yes, we’ve the homegrown mushroom for the hot pot dinner. Delicious!

Justice, peace and love to all and for all.

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Please be quiet

One of my tennis groups has been playing for the past two weeks and needed me today. There are eight of us and our next court’s four players are notoriously noisy. They talk, trash talk, argue and  grunt. Two older ladies on the other side of us are complaining. Sorry girls …

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7-5 n 8-6

Two tight tie breaks after a long pause due to the Covid-19. One of my partners drinks beer during the play, as early as 6am. Today, I saw my opponent drinks wine. “No, it only water!”

Two very tight sets with two different peacocks. Oh boy.

🎾 YES yes 🎾 two tiebreaks 7-5 & 8-6

孔雀男 “我在xx 打. 三缺一”
老太婆 … 俺头发还没有干 …
“快点 10 分钟哈”

二个多月没有碰🎾了 [捂脸]
终于 [愉快][玫瑰]

俺 “不可骂我 要客气点”
微发福的孔雀男 “你好好打不就不挨骂了”
… 这么多年俺平时那个老好人搭档是怎么挺过来的呀 …

长话短说 … 挺艰难的 但是我们赢了
酒男:是水 水 水 [太阳]

俺问 “他没来?” 所以叫俺
“嗯 婴儿不肯睡觉”
我们一起打了第二局 赢8-6
很多时候想掐死他 … 但是一个惊心动魄的来来回回 俺就打消了念头
他比发福的原孔雀男还🦚 … 经常旋转360

回家路上走想 … 对手绝对低不过2个孔雀 what was he thinking?

今天刚刚是星期一 …
The week is still very young [呲牙]

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