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The little people’s serves

Pumpkin’s serve ..

DSCN1084 DSCN1085 DSCN1087 DSCN1089

Their team lost narrowly to Roy and Pan – they were leading 5:1 in tiebreak .. .. and beat Roy and I 6:3.

DSCN1047 DSCN1048 DSCN1049 DSCN1050

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A wedding ..

DSCN1108Not sure Tini Tran and Edward Wong’s is the first wedding announcement took place in Beijing that appear on the New York Times.

The bride and bridegroom are foreign correspondents in Beijing, the bride for The Associated Press and the bridegroom for The New York Times.

Daniel Gross and Steven Goldstein were the first same-sex couple to appear in The Times’ wedding announcements.

Watch the video, it’s really heart warming. One’s mother broke down at the party
“Not of joy but embarrassment.”
17 years and they’re still going strong.


Anyway, it’s a gorgeous weekend, hope all of you had plenty out door activities. I played tennis for 3 straight days, today 7-11:30am .. the last set was against Pumpkin in doubles .. .. we or I lost, 6:3.

I need a life.

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Tidbits of 2009 US Open


Here is Rog pulling his truck load of trophies .. if you haven’t seen that commercial enough times on TV..

Going to the Open with Pumpkin has it pro and con. With obstruction (fm her) of my endeavor – I missed many photo ops .. women in Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik & Christian Louboutin .. pregnant women in heels .. dogs .. Rog .. If I were going alone, I would have had a field day, taking as many pictures as my little heart desire/content.

Nay, I’d rather go with Pumpkin ..
Mothers ..


Lou has a thing with kid. He offered to take picture of Pumpkin and I. I was expecting a rejection from her. But surprisingly she agreed, and put on a charming smile.
Must be my lucky day.
Actually we got lucky with the night session: it began on the dot, which I thought was rare. Perhaps for the first time, the Open put men’s singles before the ladies. (Well, Roger has a pair of newborn .. needed to be home by a reasonable bedtime ..) In the past, it’s always ladies first. Tonight’s game featuring Maria Sharapova vs Christina McHale, the 17 years old from New Jersey did not start till 8:45pm. And Andy Roddick (vs Marc Gicquel) still waiting.
Tough love.

0CIMG8480 0CIMG8479 0CIMG8478 0CIMG8468

The Tiffany trophies .. men in pair ..

0CIMG8483 0CIMG8477

Sailors ..
.. and here comes the candy ..
We did little grocery shopping prior. Pumpkin dumped a small bag of colorful candy in the cart. In the car, she was studying the bag, and giddy.
“Get hold of yourself young lady.”
She laughed.
“Is this what happened when I’m not around .. eating candy and chips till your face turned blue?”
“Yes, mother dear.”
I laughed.
We found our seats and began to watch .. she took out the candy and ate in large cluster.
“Would you like some?” I took out the grapes.
How passé.
Why did I do that for?
“Let me see the bag.” I teased.
“Mom, pls .. let me enjoy it in peace.”
ha ha ha …
Thank lord my kids don’t know the phone number of Social Services Agency
CIMG8490 CIMG8482

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New York the beautiful

Or tennis craziful?
Night Falls On Manhattan
Whatever ..
I finally went to US Open with Pumpkin .. that, made NY more beautiful 🙂
DSCN0115 Night Falls On Manhattan

Something/where is beautiful .. is good enough for me.
It happens to be Noo Yawk …
Flushing Meadows–Corona Park was the site of New York World’s Fair in 1964/5. US Open is next door.
Arthur Ashe Stadium with New York skyline

DSCN0159 DSCN0138

The weather in New York has been wonderful, like autumn, very crispy. I finally have gone to heaven, going to the US Open with Pumpkin. I’ve been begging and nagging her for ages. As it turned out, she was looking forward to it too.
Not with me.
But for Rog – she loves his handsome back hand, single hand back hand.
I am still happy 🙂 .. am a simple woman with very little needs and wants

Rog's wife Mirka Simon Greul and Roger Federer at their coin toss

As Rog was warming up, the little TV showed his emotions upon winning the past 5 US Opens and his wife’s too.
We made to our seats for Simon Greul and Roger Federer match, little before their coin toss.

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A net lesson

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Pumpkin’s bankhand

Pumpkin’s backhand and her serve

2009-08-04 @ North 2005-08-25

2009-08-04 2005-08-25

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The big babe big time sport

CIMG6003 CIMG6014 CIMG6010 CIMG6002

Pumpkin’s off to her lacrosse camp soon, the 2nd. The first one she went to was two weeks ago. As soon as we arrived, I was like … Oh mighty!
Her fellow campers were all so so tall, big and strong. And so legally blonde. The parents, mostly moms were all mostly fit and tanned.
When I went to pick her up, I literally had to look through the shoulders of the crowds to find her.

Apparently, Big babes are in every sport, now.

Of the previous camp, she said it wasn’t as rigorously demanding as she thought would be, actually had time to finish the book we advised her to take. This past weekend her coach K asked what would she like to play in college.
She replied without hesitation
Knowing what you’re getting into, it’s fine, great, play to your heart’s content.

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