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I played three really good – almost great – sets this late afternoon, 6:4, 6:2 and 6:0. Many points were won by lobbing. And I actually used my brain, because my left wrist was in pain since Tuesday night’s badminton .. so no backhand – handicapped. By the way, my lefty badminton has gone pretty good since this January. My right arm is getting better but to reduce over use, I continue my lefty adventure. It seems that I’ll use my birdy brain only when I have to compensate for some handicap or misfortune. Guess men are born decent but lazy, :). Might I pls have the use of my both arms at the same time? It’s getting harder and harder.  Thank god my threadhole for pain is very sufficient. Last week I had the service of my left wrist, so my backhand worked well, but lost a very close set, 8:6 tiebreak. Heart breaking. We had two set points!


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How grunting like a rutting bull moose can save golf

I’m mindful about my grunt, it’s ugly but can’t help it.  ..  It’s the women in tennis who scare David Feherty the most. He felt we start our scream on the backswing, change the tone and volume at impact, and let it subside on the follow-through: “Aaaaaa-WEEEEEH-gaaaaah!” Some of the men are in on it too, but not at the same level as the women, who are just plain better at screaming in general, even if a male lion’s territorial call can be heard for miles.All the yelling has made tennis almost unwatchable with the volume up, which is a damn shame .. .. :)) .. SO what can we do about it?  I’d love to give half of my serve or backhand away in exchange for silence.  Duct tape?  Zipper?  ??

Last week as I was hitting with Pumpkin, the picturesque valley was very serene, the blue sky, singing birds and dancing butterflies.  Then there was me, grunting.  Not as bad as ear splitting, but revolting.  Last night at badminton, I grunt too.  Does that little white feather need that much of energy?  I guess so, unfortunately.  I prayed for quietness on court at the wish pond.  Looks like Genie didn’t grant me that, :(.

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Tennis elbow

arm.jpgI wasn’t bragging when I said tennis elbow never glanced at my direction.  Perhaps too much tennis at Hilton Head, I felt sharp pain on my right elbow when I served.  It’s a new sensation, and didn’t go away.  Now three months after, although I played from time to time, but only get by with backhand.  I googled tennis elbow symptom, realize that only 17% injury is stemming from playing tennis.  My new found lefty badminton is going well becasue of this.  Lossing mostly, but I’ve won two sets last night.  Last time playing with William, he said soak in the ice water for 8 minutes.  I tried immediately.  It’s hurt not as much as he warned.  I even thought about the winter swimmers, why would they do it: the icey water turned my skin into dark red, but it actually felt good afterward. 🙂

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Can China sweep the board?

The badminton head coach Li Yongbo recently said, ‘I think five isn’t to much to expect’ when asked how many gold medals he’s expecting this summer in Beijing.  The Brit pair Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson, both in their 30s are still competing, not sure they’ll be around in 2012 when London is the host for the summer game.

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The magic of Tylenol

A week of Tylenol did make the pain go away, rather quickly – my scenario was that I don’t use drug, so tiny bit would do well for me.  But the tenderness remained.  I still play badminton with my left hand, no tennis yet.  Swimming has increased, 2 or 3 times a week.  usually 60 laps: 40 straight, plus 10 back (happy that my backstroke is improving!) and 10 breast.  I’m happy with my endurance – thought it would take me a little while to get to 40 – but sad with timing: just can’t bring it down to under 20 minutes.  Sharks! 

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The entitlement

One’s entitlement often seems inequality to others.  Our badminton group has been playing together for years on this one court, relatively harmonic, even with players come and go.  There are no rules to govern but a sense of fairness.  Before Michael, there was a Mr. Huang who’s responsible to open/close the door and set up the net, etc.  When there are more than four players, which is the case most of time, we take turns.  With six players, the winning dual reminds on court for another set.  Regardless win or lose, they vacant the court for others after two sets.  This is one of the systems we set up without discussion.  When there are more than eight players, we only get to play a set, then wait for the next round.  Simple enough?  Yes, for those fair minded.

There is a player who often leaves early to pick up his wife, so we always let him play 2-3 sets uninterrupted.  Using a Hong Kong saying, we do this is 人情, make him wait just like the rest of us is 常情.  You’d think he’s appreciative to our consideration.  After all, we’re all busy with pressing matters that we need to attend to. 
Last night, his wife called for an early pick up just as we were about to begin.  So he came back 45 minutes later to resume. By that time we ballooned to ten players already.  He got on the court at the first turn.  It ended quickly, a land slide game.  
“Let’s play a singles” he challenged Jordan. 
That didn’t sit well with us. 
Sammy said,
“Oh no, too many people, doubles only.” 
So he played another set of doubles.  When he played again after waiting for his turn, he didn’t want to leave, saying he didn’t sweat. 
Simon and Sam all got off the court. 
There was a moment of stillness.  
We all try to be courteous to others, don’t want the confrontation. 
The players he wanted to play with, walked off the court and stayed off. 
They knew it’s others’ turn. 
I said out loud, “it’s girls turn.” 
Katie hadn’t played at all.  Not so much as boys or girls, rather others turn.

He stood on the court,  looking at Simon/Sam, didn’t want to leave. 

Katie said graciously, “it’s ok, I’ll wait.” 
It’s usual the case, what you can say?  So, he got to play again. 
Not with Simon nor Sam, but with girls.  Half through, he quitted. 
“I can’t play like this ..” 
By far, Simon is the better player and he had no qualm playing with the girls or weaker player.  Same goes with Sam.

It’s interesting to see next time. .. What a 八婆 gossip-monger 🙂 .. I’ve spent all my 八婆 quota of the month, if not the year; and it’s only January.  Good news is that my left hand is improving quickly.  Jenny and I won a set last night against Katie n her hubby Paul, lost two sets to Yvonne and Michael. 

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Can not lah

Simon suddenly decided to skip town for 3 weeks, leaving tomorrow morning for home, Singapore. 
I’m devastated, 🙂
Who’s going to take care of me on court?  And can I actually play without his nagging? 
This last Saturday I played with Steve and Sunday I played with Jeff, all gone well, until against Simon and company. 
“I know you too well..” he just sit there and waiting for my shots, and telling everyone to “just hit to her” [and you’ll win]. 
Tonight he’s the first one at the badminton court, thought we’d play together.  Then came the new guy, Herr Jordan Fan who’s really good, and with the sexiest back hand, super sleek and elegant.  When two more guys showed up, Simon decided to drink and be the commentator.  He told Sammy and Michael, “just hit to her” while answering his phone that rang non stop .. The drinking/dancing/singing/tennis buddies are bidding him good byes. 
The atmosphere was very light, with Bud in hand, he made us laugh so hard that we had to stop for a second to re-group.  Jordan is rather serious (or maybe he’s shy), he asked if I could play; after the first set, he asked if I could play the second set, if I need a rest. Is he kidding?  I’m battling those guys day in and day out, they want to kill me as much as I do them, we try at every opportunity we get, lol …
Before he left, Simon announced that I should learn tennis from him and badminton from Fan. 
Are you sure you want to leave?  He assured every single caller that he’ll be back in 20 days.  Can not lah leave you guys .. so much fun lah .. 

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Sammy’s arsenal

cimg9082-2.JPGFrom China with love. 

Babolat (Nitro), a French brand but made in China: inconspicuous stylish and exquisitely made.  Sammy is a hot head in finding the thing, “You can’t find this one in Hong Kong.  I had to ask a friend of friend who got it for me in China.”  700 RMB, about US$100. 

cimg9085.JPGA pair of fake.

‘How can you tell?’  Easy, YY doesn’t even produce this model.  Oh, the Chinese just made this up and paste YY on it?  Sammy gave me the look, ‘dumb question.  They counterfeit everything ..’ 🙂  it’s dumb, I was just thinking out loud without going thou my brain. 🙂  Are there any counterfeit tennis racquets??

cimg9086.JPG A couple of real thing.

‘Paragon sells for about $250-$350.  I bought them in HK for half the price.’  His fat blue bag has tons of goodies. He likes to have us try his new toy.  Jordan loves to, even uses his during the competition.  He offered me the Babolat yesterday.  It felt good and I loved the look.  He gave me the usual dirt look: omg, she missed the point again.. 🙂 ..  I haven’t been to his club in Chinatown for a long time.  Now that summer is almost over, he told me that the club meets on Mondays and Fridays.  I’ll go, except the parking is bit hard.  One less incentive was he likes to drag us to the 港式西餐, the HK style of Western food eatery.  Sammy, can we pls have dinner at the real places, like either Chinese (since we’re in Chinatown) or Italian (little Italy is just around the corner) .. he’d gave me the dirt look, :).

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Pretty girls at badminton


This Wednesday two high schoolers showed up to play!  Yapeeee.  They are good.  Sunny B. and I had to work extra hard to carve out a win, thinly, 3:1 after 14 all.  Simon went to play his 5-week long USTA 4.0 league, but left a box of delicious pineapple cookies fm Singapore.   cimg2705.JPG

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As if it’s on cue, Simon called last night needing a ride to the badminton, cause can’t find his key. Sure, np, right away.  But as I was leaving for him, he called again, tada ..found it.  In any case, I thought it’s more appropriated call for help, since our friendship is closer and felt comfortable in asking for such favors.

We didn’t get to play on Tuesday and thought there would be more players, but instead only Sunny, Jordan, Mike Sammy and his wife, which’s a surprise.  Great to see her again!  Jordan the junior (he’s only 15 and I once thought he’s in college) teams with Sunny is a formidable force, hard to beat.  Simon and I were leading 11:7 the first set, but ended up lost 15:13, hurtful, lol. The second set we won decisively 15:8. Simon played very hard, mostly was his effort. Good competitors would get that out of you.

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