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Sunny the Postmaster

I played one set of doubles against Sunny and company this morning and lost 4:6. If were not for King’s friend’s bar mitzwah party, I’d played another set. Couple of serving games I played were clean and smart, yes I was concentrating and thinking. And I won few long rallies from baseline over Sunny. He’s impressed and I was more than pleased, especially the winners off my forehand.

Sunny is 4.0 player who loves to coach. Competitive but fair, he carries his small frame tall with a big mouth to match. When I first join this Hong Kong AM weekend group 6 or 7 years ago, I didn’t have forehand. Few good players in the group are all likely to offer some advice but Sunny is determined.
“80% game is won by forehand.” he stated.
So we worked on my fore hand.
“Don’t jump …. stop pushing …. hit with your fore hand ….”
He’d hiss like a drill sergeant, and made sure I knew if he’s disappointed with my play. Few times, he even walked off the court in the middle of a doubles game.
I was fine with this kind of abuse, since I enjoy playing with him or against him. I didn’t mind at all.
Not everyone shares my point of view.
A tall Chinese girl who I never played with before, said to Sunny after a lousy game from me ..
“She’s so nice, doesn’t talk back.”
Sunny was mad and walked away.
“I don’t dare.” I joked. Her little eyes enlarged considerable. Sorry if she didn’t get the joke.

Another time Sunny and I were playing against an older Caucasian couple. As usually, he’s non-stop giving me advice and showed little temper when I missed few easy shots. The lady finally had enough of this, called me over to the net,
“honey, don’t let your husband do this to you.”
I was pretty miserable at that moment, nothing seemed going my way. But her comment cracked me up, Sunny neither my b/f nor hubby.
I teased her, “mama, be thankful that he hasn’t walked out on me yet.”
For a brief second she was totally stunned at my timidity.

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