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A bath

Had an Epson salt plus green rubbing alcohol bath, per Martin. Very silly, I have no idea how much salt and the green alcohol are needed; so I dumped half lb of salt and half bottle of alcohol. I played in the morning (got to see many buddies) and took lesson in the afternoon. Gosh, I hope the magic bath works, lol, so I can play day and night. Oh, happy to report, I didn’t grunt much lately, the surgery has hampered it, lol .. hmmmm, guess zipper might not as effective as an oral operation.

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As we were approaching the court where Martin and Katie were playing, we noticed immediately a puny girl dressed like gypsy was playing like a pro. I thought Slowpoke can’t serve cause she’s short, then think again. The Puny serves with such power, Roddick would have taken notice. She is small for a 9 years old, clearly enjoys the game, and has been playing for a long time.

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