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Pretty women

Golfer is having a ball in Dallas.  Women in Dallas dressed to the nine to go to golf tourneys, skinpie short skirts, high heels … there were even groupies hanging around at trendy hotel W when he checked in.  Of course he said he didn’t …. but his colleagues did, :))).  The dinner party was great, with few hedgies, and they’re heading out again.  Tomorrow he’ll try to fit in a 9-hole, then the tourney then his particular client for dinner.  There are only golfer geeks in the Northeast, he complains, lol … 

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Slowpoke in skirt

Slowpoke came home with her lacrosse uniform, top and skirt, in blue … I need to sneak a pic for the record.

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The Professional

At one time, we had more than 20 people showed up on the same night for badminton.  But lately, there were few nights hardly anyone showed up … so I generously labeled myself as the professional, lol.  Last Wednesday there were only Mike, Simon and I.  Today we had exactly a foursome: Mike, Sunny Simon and I.  During the warm up, I used my left hand, cause too much pain with my right.  “Of course it’s painful, we use our right hand/arm every day …”  Simon said, referring to our almost daily play either tennis or badminton.  I need to head to the pool more often, lol.  We played 3 sets and Simon and I won all 3, especially very decisively for the 2nd set: 15:1.  I think the pain just vanished, :).

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