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She scored two goals

Ya, Slowpoke scored 2 goals at today’s lacrosse, but her team still lost.

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A cycling race in town

cimg2670.JPGThere’s a USA Cycling Organization sanctioned race in town today.  Darn, I missed it!  I’d participate if I know.  They closed off sections in town, which made it very enjoyable.  We have many amenities but no biking lanes.  I told the kids that we’re in next year this time.  Kinglazy liked to bike but Slowpoke is no.  We’ll see.

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A very nice day it turned out.  Yesterday Simon dragged me out to play and today was Tony and his wife Jinyu.  I had good time hitting with her.  I met her last year and she improved her game very quickly since, now with very effective and good looking back hand and forehand.  Not to mention her endless long legs.  Tony is a 5.0 player, within our little circle, he has no opponent, but like to hangout with us anyway.  Lou (not sure it’s Louie, Louis or Lewis) played with us this morning before Simon finally woke up from his dream loaded with beers and wines from last night.  Lou and I hit if off right away last year.  No one introduced us.  He was injured and just came to chat, then started making fun of me, lol.  But he’s really a nice guy, with a single hand backhand.  Yesterday he teamed up with Peter against Simon and I.  Of course I was very busy, lol the weakest link.  But from time to time, he’d give me a sweet shot to hit (to provent me from crying afterward, lol) which annoyed Peter very much.  Today when Jinyu teamed up with Simon vs he and I, against he gave her many sugar shots.  Nice thing to do, not that I’m looking for easy way out.  He repeatedly told me to hit deep, stay behind the baseline,  identical to Simon’s coaching …  One thing he picked out which Simon didn’t, was turn my body.  I never realized that I didn’t!  Hey, Craig said he liked my backhand very much, only few weeks ago, lol…  I knew exact what he’s talking about, and he’s very right.  I’ve been working on it, okay!  Tony said I should always on my toes, like wearing high heels.  I’m always on my heels, lol.  It’s only 4.0 I’m dreaming about?  Lord if I could maintain the 3.5 I should feel lucky.  I need to get my act together.

I rarely played till this late, till 12 noon.  Usually starts at 6:30 and done by 9am.  But this group doesn’t like to start till 10am.  While having good time but I also felt guilty, I’m taking away the time I should spend with kids.  Jinyu went out with the group last night and she said Simon was in her ear the whole time, asking if she’d like to play early (with me), sweet Simon, lol.  Jinyu woke up at 7am, waiting, 8am, still no call.  Finally they called me around 9.

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cimg2621.JPGWe hiked after lunch with my g/f, then went to the park.  Slowpoke was in a grumpy mood, so we didn’t stay long.  I felt bit embarrassed, why would she act like that?  Passing by the MMA, we went in, showed gf around a little since she swims too.  I used to swim and compete at MMA: 500 free came in at 8:42 minutes and 1000 was 17:47. . . yes I won: Kinglazy, Slowpoke and Reberto were on hand cheering me on.  We both laughed at the pool size just down right stingy in the US.

—                                  One of our parks   cimg2622.JPG

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McEnroe, Sampras ..

Watched McEnroe vs Courier, Sampras vs Todd Martin in Champions Cup in Boston.  John looks great, won easily 6:2 and 6:3.  Pete, hhmmmmm … he should shave his head .. it’s just too brutal to see the thinning part on his head … he played great, fluid but bit slower … but who cared.  I was just so happy to see him playing again, and wishing he’s still in his prime and compete against Federer.  Who’ll be the top dog in this match up? 

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Ice skating

Sarah Hughes in the background. … what happened to that elfin Sasha Cohen?

I stayed around after dropping off Slowpoke at ring tonight.  She’s been ice skating with her g/fs lately and I’m very happy now that she could actually enjoy it with her friends, than say going to hang out at malls or doing nothing, lol…  I sat at the hall after taking some pictures.  Felt bit lost: it’s as if only yesterday that I took them to ice skate.  Kinglazy had all kind of trouble, either his feet hurt or he’s tired, or thirsty for hot chocolate or water, or bathroom run … when Slowpoke ran straight into the ring once I laced her up.  I was surprised for she’d never skate before.  To keep up with her, I took ice skating lessons too.  It’s a regulation size, large enough to hide on the other end from her, lol.  Oh, Golfer encouraged me to join the ice hockey league!  Hey, people didn’t you know it’s not my sport? … Actually it’s been a decade …  The girls were very sweet to each other.  We were 40 minutes late and they rushed out from the ring to greet Slowpoke. …

Are my chauffeuring days numbered?

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Pain and suffering

2005-09-11-ankle.jpg     Andy called to notify the start of our Sunday morning game.  Chai is excited, ‘complaining’ that his arms are falling off too, due to his cute toddler son, lol.  I happened to see this picture taken September 2005 when I sprained my ankle while playing tennis.  Sequentially I met Andy’s group later that fall due to George’s frequently absent, so I filled in for him as sub while rehab my injured ankle.  You have to love something with zeal to ignore the pain and suffer the consequences.  It’s been 2 winter seasons and one summer with Andy’s group.  The second summer is to begin this Sunday.  On top of being nice group of players, I enjoy the short conversations with them a lot, which is very lacking with my decade long weekend morning group.  Hey, I’d like to have the cake and be able to eat it too, lol…. ok, cake might not be the right exmple since I’m not big on sweet, but you get the picture.

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As if it’s on cue, Simon called last night needing a ride to the badminton, cause can’t find his key. Sure, np, right away.  But as I was leaving for him, he called again, tada ..found it.  In any case, I thought it’s more appropriated call for help, since our friendship is closer and felt comfortable in asking for such favors.

We didn’t get to play on Tuesday and thought there would be more players, but instead only Sunny, Jordan, Mike Sammy and his wife, which’s a surprise.  Great to see her again!  Jordan the junior (he’s only 15 and I once thought he’s in college) teams with Sunny is a formidable force, hard to beat.  Simon and I were leading 11:7 the first set, but ended up lost 15:13, hurtful, lol. The second set we won decisively 15:8. Simon played very hard, mostly was his effort. Good competitors would get that out of you.

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The server

2005-08-25-toss.jpgLesson with Craig ended last Sunday.  He didn’t bother with our serve till the last two sessions, and didn’t like my deep knee-bending motion,
“.. you’ll get tired by the first set.” 
I felt so awkward not bending my knees, lol. 
2005-08-25-serve-bk-pic.jpg One coach said no jumping;
Another indicated no bending .. now what’s left of my serve? lol …
I guess it’s really up to myself, absorb and utilize what works for me.  Thought my knee-bending fuels jumping and that gives me an extra height hence the coveted angle. The most vivid serve motion to me was that of Boris Becker, the boom boom who won the the Wimbledon at 17, not to say that Sampras and Federer aren’t, it just whenever I think about serve, Becker’s always comes on top, wholesome and clear.

Craig said he’s in training, starting a new job at a restaurant in the city, in Midtown east.  I didn’t ask what he’ll do, but wondered if he had many interest of private lessons, why didn’t he get concession somewhere like Kerner and teach full time? He’s a good coach, as far as I’m concerned.  Guess each pro has to find his or her niche and followings to sustain a coaching career, if they so do desire.

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Her first goal

cimg2512.JPGYep, my baby scored her first goal at lacrosse.  I’m soo darn proud of her … we had drinks … although they lost 3 only won 1 so far: too many girls and the coach’s reluctant to make 2nd cut.  They had one cut only that only eliminated few and still with 50 on the team.  I’m not kidding you.  The Dukies are really inspiring, lol… ok, that’s a bad joke.  But I really don’t understand why they should entertain 50 girls when only 20 or so are needed.  So everyone who wishes to participate can join .. but on the other hand are we teaching the girls that no matter what, as long as they wish, they deserve on the team regardless of their own merit?  A thin line.  Ok, it’s beyond me, the housewife, huanglianpo, lol … I’ll stop.

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