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5, 6 n 6

03.jpgOk, 3 sets, 7:5, 7:6 and 7:6, Roger advanced to the final; I’m having a pretty do trading day too.

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Skelton Putin

Don’t know Vladimir Putin has a younger under nourished tennis playing bro, 🙂  Federer is playing Nikolay Davydenko of Russia.  ND almost took Roger to 4:1 the first set, but lost 5:7.  His buzz cut reminds me of the swamp of bad hair cut Russians in the 90s, Yevgeny Kafelnikov was one who’s the only Russian won the French Open.  The commentators mentioned earlier YK’s on a poker tour in Uma and said don’t sell ND short, lol

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Z n G

01.jpgA busy morning so far between ZLRs n ghosts with couple of reversals – a very pretty mitten ghost on dax that I had to reverse from the zlr.  Oh well.  I’m done for the day and the week, now looking forward to goto work :)… French Open at 10am first … Simon called last night for today, and making sure I’ll show up on Saturday morning (he got Irene L to come, will have to pick her up thou; not yet sure who’s the fourth..).  Poor thing, he lost doubles match at USTA Wednesday to Byron and Sean.

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