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Beijing Civilized Workers Cheering Squad

No need to scratch your head.  This is one of the public-education programs gearing up to the coming out party next Aug in Beijing .. with four major points: don’t insult former wartime enemy Japan; don’t swear; respect the referee; and don’t snap indiscriminate photos.  .. think I’ll past the last one?  … “Many Chinese don’t understand why they can’t take photos when athletes are about to serve or hit the ball; they think it’s the best moment to take the shot,” .. :))

“We are not going to shout profanities in front of foreigners because the Olympics is a show for foreigners,” Gosh, can’t we do something good, not even dreaming great, just for ourselves? … But if the Olympics can shake up their manner, so be it.  It’ll be great!  

Here is a cute one:  China’s Olympic history, which dates from 1894 when founder Pierre de Coubertin sent an invitation to the Qing Dynasty to compete. Unfamiliar with the sports, the government reportedly didn’t reply.  China didn’t win a gold medal till 1984, calling 1984 “the year the humiliation ended,”  This time, China is expected to challenge the United States for the most gold medals.  …hmmmmmm … I’ll cover my eyes … too nervous and torn … Hey, how about China share the gold medals with the US, and the rest of the world can fight over whatever left?  Hopefully the games’ll played out fairly, not like in S Korea. 

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