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A pop on my shoulder ..

My right arm is useless due to pain or tennis elbow.  But not playing hurts even more 🙂 so I went to the badminton last night.  The lower right arm wouldn’t cooperate, so I had to make ado with my left.  It felt funny and looked silly probably.  I played a set with Yvonne (?) against Jenny and Tina .. ya the Tina I haven’t seen in ages and she said she’d come, another reason I went last night.  We had good match, but at the same time I felt frustrated, 心有余儿力不足 missing shots left and right.  We lost 15:9.  Then I lost with Robert to Mike and Katie.  John left early, Simon had no one to play, looked bored, :).  I played a set with him and won.  During the match, I switched to my right arm trying to save a lethal return.  The pain made me stopped in the middle of the swing.  Well, I was trying to see if I could play with my right arm too, not meant to cheat. ..

That was my ordeal of yesterday, or past couple of weeks.

Andrew gave me a zhongyi Chinese medicine practitioner Danny Sun, said he knows how to treat tennis elbow.  Danny sounded old over the phone, with missing teeth perhaps.  He has a small co-op where he has his practice.  It’s cramped, has strong food odor and he only looks like in his 50s and very agile.  In person, he doesn’t sound like the old guy I perceived.  There are pile of papers on his small desk adjancant to the door.  “Oh, you’re practicing calligraphy?”  That’s so so so neat.  He smiled, “oh, not at the moment .. but sometimes I do.”

Without asking too much, he told me to lay face down on the table and began tuina, massage that last 40 minutes or so.  Nothing overly unbearable, but it wasn’t a cake walk either.  He massaged my neck, shoulders, back.  Then turned face up, he massaged more on my arms.  Next step was sit up right.  He pulled my right arm straight up, relax my lower right, put in behind my head and began rock it back and forth gently.  Then without warning, he snapped it hard (pulled back).  There was a pop and sharp pain, but normalcy returned immediately.  As if nothing had happened.  “Did you hear it?”  “yes.”  “I have to loosen (prepare) it for the pull.”  He gave me his hand, asking me to grip it hard, I was able to.  Then he asked me to hold up the stood I just sat on horizontally.  I was able to too.  Without any discomfort.  “You shouldn’t feel any pain.  .. but your back will feel bit of pain for couple of days to come .. ” he told me.  Pain?  What pain?  Who’s pain? Where’s pain?  When’s pain? ??  AAAmazing.  Tennis anyone?  Please?

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