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Da Tsonga dude

tsonga.jpgWow, the Jo-Wilfred Tsonga dude played an amazing match, dumped Nadal to reach the final in straight sets: 6:2, 6:3, 6:2.  Before this Aussie Open, I’ve never heard of him.  At the first glance, he reminded me of boxer Ali.  Pumpkin is watching a lot, first time I’ve seen her so into watch tennis, omg, :).  Tsonga plays bit unconventional, so is his physique, he’s h-u-g-e, teddy-bear without a care in the world!  The racket looks like a serving spoon in his hand, :).  He jumps around like a toddler!   How about 地包天 Djokovic Joker beat out Federer for a change?  Two pretty girls are heading to the final, Ana Ivanovic vs Maria Sharapova – need to buy earplugs!!  The Williams’ sisters are out, 🙁 ..

ali-f1.jpgThe other day, the commentators were talking about challenge calls during Federer vs Blake match.  They mentioned that Federe is opposing the instant challenge call .. but he’s using a lot during the match.  And kind of late to invoke the challenge.  Then Mary Carillo (her leaving ESPN in 2011) said, “Sharapova is that way too, late to request the challenge call .. but they’re not cheating, like looking up to their box to decide ..”  Hello, is Mary gone mad or forgetful?  Maria Sharapova looks to her father and coach all the time, they would give her signals .. .. it’s the controversy at the US Open.  Short memory???

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