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Tiger’s challenger

Why there are so many world class Korean golfers around, given the size of their entire population, which only estimated at little less than 50 millions?  Hard driving and ball-sy?  One of friends loved to tell this story: he went out alone to play the Bethpage Black where it hosted US Open in 2002 (will host it again in 2009), got paired up with a sole Korean woman who apologized in broken English, upon meeting him, “sorry I’m not very good.”  The 6 footer Irish replied – half jokingly, “I’m not good either” took the little woman’s declaration at face value.  Few holes into the difficult course, he was out played at every single turn.  At third hole, she became impatient and turned to him, “you’re right, you’re not very good .. .. not at all.”

We shall not discuss the color of his face, nor the psychological devastation he suffered ever since.

Ever heard of Anthony Kim?  Not yet?  Well, soon you will.  He has the swing as well as the mental toughness and has won.  Going out to a public golf course here, the chances are you’ll run into Koreans, and they aren’t very well liked.  But on tours, you’ll see plenty of them, especially the LPGA.  Obviously they love the game and know it.  How many women would go out there playing by herself?  Kim’s father often reduced him to tears, would throw out his 2nd place finish or over-par first place troph.  Many over bearing fathers ruin their kids’ career, but Kim’s dad seemed didn’t – built up his mental toughness?  Oh well, good for him. .. Maybe we should call him Jaguar – he’s only 5,10″ and 160 lb.

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