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Speedo and G-string

A ban on bikinis at the city pool is expected to be revised at Kanab in Utah, that bikinis that don’t reveal too much will be allowed, as will Speedos for men when the new public pool just north of the Arizona state line.

What’s wrong with America? Speedo is a swimsuit for god sake!

Has anyone noticed that Rafael Nadal would fuss with his G-string or some kind of underwear between his serves during the match?

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Opening Volley

Once in a while, Sports Illustrated will run some lengthy articles on the past events.  This Ping-Pong story is interesting, as if the American star Glenn Cowan had inadvertly set US-China partner or relationship in motion by flaggering down the wrong bus in Japan – a busload of Chinese athletes.  And the Chinese star Zhuang Zedong had guts to give him a gift.  America at that time, 1971 was still billed as US Aggressors and All Their Running Dogs, 🙂 .. still remember this?

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The Moneymen

Ana Ivanovic said that she won’t be where she is (or at least this quickly) without Dan Holzmann, a Switzerland based businessman.  They met when she’s 14 and he funded her career since, now becomes her manager.  This leads me to Dream Girl – just wondering where Yuan Meng now and will she play the US Open this year? Talent aside, Ana is far more lucky one than the rest. I first saw her play at Rogers last summer, then suddenly she was everywhere. At this year French Open, her shots were just so lethal and unbelievable.  Not sure Yuan Meng has Ana’s talent, but a wise moneyman could have furthered her career.  I’m sure Dan Holzmann would not just fund anyone who can swing a tennis racket.  Come to think, Zina Garrison didn’t learn to play tennis until she’s 14 years old!  Each of us have our own destiny that’s coutured by our desire, drive, chance and timing. 


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The finals

Oh .. it turned out, the ladies final beats out the men’s.  I didn’t even bother to watch.  So landslide tilting toward Nadal.  Yesterday’s final was a better deal, although I found Ana Ivanovic has too many celebratory gestures, keep is to the minimum, girl. But she’s great to watch otherwise, doesn’t scream as loud as Maria. I actually cheered for the amazon or tuna Dinara Safina, kind of reminds me of Lindsay Davenport, down to earth and gentle hearted girl.  To fill the time slot, the NBC showed the last year’s Wimbledon where Federer beat Nadal in four sets.  The green grass is decidedly soothing and elegant than the red clay.

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An American in Paris?

Not a single one by now. The French Open is dominated by Vic (Serb) and Va (Russian): top four seeded men/women have 3 Vics and 2 Vas. Nikolay Davydenko ranked 4 is a Russian too (men’s name don’t end with -va).  There is a total of 18 Russian girls in the drew.  Where are my Chinese tennis dolls?

Ana Ivanovic is pretty, so is Maria Sharapova. Between these two, I prefer Maria (needs to clean up her face ..) who’s look is bit refined than Ana. Too bad Anna Kournikova isn’t around, I like her the most.

Not sure which one is worst: enduring Maria’s scream or watching Svetlana Kuznetsova and Jelena Jankovic play.  This picture .. however briefly ranked – she’s #1 tennis player.. .. not a porn star .. ..

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Go for the gold

Front page coverage on China’s quest to lead in the gold medals this summer.  Rowing has improved a lot and quickly over the past few years.  The formula seemingly predicable: poor kids hauled from rural areas sweating it out, 7 days a week, 7 years and counting.  I often wondered is there a fairness even in Olympic.  On one hand the best gets to compete in the O every four years.  On the other hand, can you pit an athlete that has to making a living wait tables (or other kind of day job) against another who’s entirely funded by the government, all he or she has to do is to perfecting their game without worry to make ends meet?  Is it fair to include professionals, especially like tennis and basketball when the players all make very comfortable living, have their own well publicized tourneys throughout year?  Shouldn’t we give this opportunity to amateurs?  Any one still remembers the Americans (amateur and collegiate players) win over Russians (the best professionals in the world) in 1980 in Lake Placid (up state New York), that dabbed Miracle on Ice?

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Pumpkin’s lacrosse team finally won their first match. She scored 1 and Sharon the Ace Lee doubled it – way to go girls!

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