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I played three really good – almost great – sets this late afternoon, 6:4, 6:2 and 6:0. Many points were won by lobbing. And I actually used my brain, because my left wrist was in pain since Tuesday night’s badminton .. so no backhand – handicapped. By the way, my lefty badminton has gone pretty good since this January. My right arm is getting better but to reduce over use, I continue my lefty adventure. It seems that I’ll use my birdy brain only when I have to compensate for some handicap or misfortune. Guess men are born decent but lazy, :). Might I pls have the use of my both arms at the same time? It’s getting harder and harder.  Thank god my threadhole for pain is very sufficient. Last week I had the service of my left wrist, so my backhand worked well, but lost a very close set, 8:6 tiebreak. Heart breaking. We had two set points!


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Speedo and G-string

A ban on bikinis at the city pool is expected to be revised at Kanab in Utah, that bikinis that don’t reveal too much will be allowed, as will Speedos for men when the new public pool just north of the Arizona state line.

What’s wrong with America? Speedo is a swimsuit for god sake!

Has anyone noticed that Rafael Nadal would fuss with his G-string or some kind of underwear between his serves during the match?

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