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Matt Johnson

According to Sammy, Matt Johnson of Golden Gate Badminton Club in San Francisco, officially is the 10th ranking badminton playing in the US. How the sport of tennis and badminton differs, for the top 10 in tennis are rather well known. The Golden Gate Badminton Club is one of the prestigious badminton clubs of North America.  Johnson came with Michael Young, visited and played at Sammy’s club last week.  Wow, that’ll be something.  I missed, haven’t been to his club in over a year.

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Serena’s bra straps

Has anyone told her that her black straps are kind of, well, an eye sore under a red dress? How about a racer back bra or a similar color bra? The opening on her lower back is neat and sexy.  In terms of fashion, Venue is doing much better.

The Williams sisters are not only written up on the sport pages and business page, they appear on Week in Review too. One I think the US Open did a poor job in putting them on the same drew to meet in the quarters. They should meet in the final. Two, their out side interests maybe the best medicine to keep them still interested in tennis, and most importantly, doing great.  If we see the sisters playing three of four grand slams year in and years out, I’ll be bored and I think they’ll be bored too.

Hope she and Andy Murray win the titles.  I’m a chicken: I don’t want Roger Federer catch up on Pete Sampras.

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Endless love

This was the pool where I did my laps on the cruise.  It was an endless pool with the current coming out at the top end.  It looked enclosed in and less glamour.  Suits me just fine.  I was always by myself there.  Couldn’t image sharing it with another swimmer.  The current was bit slow for my pace.  I had to do with the breast stroke.  It’s next door to the Spa, very Asian themed.

Above the pool, there is a dodge ball court.  At first, Pumpkin thought it’s tennis. 🙂  That’ll be great, wouldn’t it?

My left shoulder was in pain one morning when I woke up.  It hurt to a point that I don’t want to use my arm.  .. .. but I went to swim anywhere and did just fine.  After 20 minutes of swim, I made my way to the spa to shower.. did I remember that I have a non functional shoulder.  We’re all weird, at least I’m.  Can’t do double hand backhand but I can swim. 

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US Open 2008

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10 minutes of tennis

Between the rains and men’s semis, I got to play with Pumpkin briefly today.  It’s very humid and uncomfortable.  Pumpkin said there is an upper class girl on the team who loves to give advice to others.  Most looked at it as annoying but Pumpkin said she actually enjoys it.  Finding a mentor at the right time isn’t always easy is how I look at it.  Seize it when you can.

One day we went to shopping and ran into her English teacher, the previous year’s.  The young teacher was very pleansant and lively, they almost hugged each other.  .. She said the current one is trying to fail everyone .. tough love baby .. look at it from another angle. 

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New courts

I came home after some games and took a chance, asking if Pumpkin would like to play some tennis with me, halfheartedly. It’s 8:30pm. To my surprise, she said yes. She made the JV team and has practice every day for the past two weeks. And enjoying it.

Thank god one of the four cluster of courts at school had been renovated. They look very nice and inviting.  Tennis any one? Tomorrow looks very rainy .. Serena will play Jelena Jankovic who .. lord .. wears make up while playing. Oh well .. a Williams in the final at least. It should have been an All Williams Final ..

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The little Giants who can drive

And run too.  First half 2 minutes warning, Giants led Red Skin 16:0.  They are unstoppable.  Then Red Skin scored a touch down. So it’s 16:7 game into the second half.

I heard people started to tail gate 7am.  This morning for a 7pm opener.  12 hours.  Where is my ticket?  Michael Strahan decided not to take the offer, in street cloth on the sideline.  Doesn’t he look bit like Mike Tyson?

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Open shoulder


This slow motion shows Nadal’s muscles during a serve.  It’s unbelievable. 

I often heard that to get a better serve you need to open up your shoulder more.  I think I know what does it mean.  I don’t always open up my shoulder when I serve.  It is a hard work.  Playing a better game requires more mental and physical efforts.

I know how to play a lazy game (or swim lazily) or a hard fought game.  It’s hard to put up a fierce fight every time when I get out on the court.  Because my mood is different, my opponent/partner could be different.  The weather affects me .. many factors.  For a pro, those shouldn’t be a factor.

Doesn’t it sound like in life, no one could go on high strung for ever.  So you pick you battle and choose your war.  Sometimes you go all the way and others you only spend 80% or 90% of your energy for task.  110% effort doesn’t guarantee you the result – still came up short.  Timing and luck do play a roll.

I’m trying to get to the 3.5 or 4.0 level, but haven’t.  I didn’t try harder.  My mental toughness isn’t always there.

One day waking up on the cruise, I found my left shoulder was in pain.  Though it would go away in a few hours.  But it stayed.  I have no problem to swim but have trouble to serve and play double hand backhand.  Actually we got back home on an over night flight and I went to play tennis as soon as I got home.  I forgot totally about my painful shoulder.  On my first backhand, it hurt so much I almost screamed.  Now I’m making do with single hand bh.  Passable but without the power.

I was quite happy at yesterday’s win at badminton.  Can’t play with the girls with my left hand for the time being.

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A thrilling night

I played great three sets with Jordan against Big Steel and Michael.  Big Steel has been coming for the past couple of weeks.  We won the first set convincingly at 15:3.  It was a hard fought game.  I was sweating and panting like there is no tomorrow.  After the game was over, the sweat continuously pouring down for a good 10 minutes!

Although BS has very laid back manner but he hates to lose and shows.  Many times when he went down to save a point and didn’t, he would stay down there for a few seconds.  Jordan Fan (not the kiddie one) on the other hand was really cool, says very little.  Always bow slightly whenever I picked up the birdie for him.  I still consider his back hand is the meanest and sleekest I’ve seen.  Now we’ve been playing together for a while, he becomes the yada coach – constantly reminding me to keep my arms up in the air and stay behind the line.  One girl used to laugh at me: my waiting position isn’t right, is like worshiping the god – I use both hands to hold the racket like tennis but the birdie comes faster than the tennis ball, so my hands were higher (that’s why the badminton waiting position is like surrender, arms are in the air).  I have no intention to change, too lazy.  If Jordan doesn’t remind me, I’ll be on the service line, which is too close.  I always joke that there is a piece of candy or steam hanging on the net.

We lost second set at 15:13.  I was very tired.  The third set Michael demanded to change side, the set facing the door has dimmer lighting.  So we switched and we won again.  My energy seemed to creep back at third set.  I played better.  After BS left, Michael teamed up with Sammy and they won 17:14.  I don’t want to make excuses, but by then my arms and legs were not my own any more.

Sammy got my racket back, with a very sleek looking string.  My good durable quarter century old racket – I purchased it in Hong Kong in 1983 or so!! The badminton people sure don’t know how to make and market their products. Look at the tennis manufactures and marketing execs. They put out new racquets, new outfits very other months and make fortune. Why can’t or won’t the badminton community follow the suit?

I’m really pumped up, wide awake.  It’s passed my bedtime already.  Hello Beijing .. It’s me calling .. harass my friends there 🙂

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Did he get the point?

Did Andy Roddick get the ace?

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