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NASCAR in New York

The NASCAR has some royalty coming .. .. at 42nd Street @ Lexington .. few fans were waiting out side. The fans are mostly blonde and chubby. .. .. errrrr I was not among them, cause I was busy groupie another idol.

NASCAR took of in the USA like wild fire out of control, burning bright in the south. Golfer took me to a race in Bethlehem, PA, the Andretti territory. The fans would arrive hours early to watch the pomp and circumstance; floats, parade .. We used to the short exits on LIE only to find out each exits on that highway in Pennsylvania was about 12 miles apart. We timed ourselves to be there on time for the actual race. After conquered the three long 3 exits and got into the parking lot, and found a place to actual park, made to the stand, the race was already underway.
Oh lord, it was loud.
The all white fans around us eyed us suspiciously. Many of them perhaps never saw an Asian before .. JK .. coolers, beers, .. when it was finally over, we were stranded in the parking lot for another 3 hours, because everyone proceeded to have their tailgate party in the lot.

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