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Run baby run

The Panthers and Giants game last night was so great! Yapppppy. Giants won it in OT and now would have the home-field advantage. Some commentators joked that their trip to the Super Bowl this year won’t have to take the scenic route.

Giants played a very effective running game and that big dude Bran-done– he’ll become a free-agent – rushed in the winning TD in OT. He’s lethal.

Ok, I was too busy watching the football, did not state clear about pragmatic love. Yes, people of all ages falling in love. And love has the magic touch to render one powerless. What I meant is as one gets older, falling in love would more often come with few trappings, such as compatibility and affordability, especially among Asians.

One conversation I heard a while back between two g/fs. A Caucasian whose hubby died young (a medical doctor) was dating a schoolteacher. The Chinese lady whose hubby is 20 years her senior incredulously asked, “don’t you worry about your financial future?”
The Caucasian replied,
“Yes I do, but first I have to find him attractive.”
There lie two different philosophies. Granted they come from different worlds and backgrounds. But what puzzled me is that few more Chinese divorcees I came across had the same attitude: they first worry if the men they’re dating have money or are after their money.
“What make you think he doesn’t worry that you’re after his money?” I often wondered.
They are miserable while dating. And the Internet dating. Oh .. a g/f is dating, and meeting different guy every week. In the beginning we were curious and pumped her for info. But after few weeks we were tired. I think if you can get different guy every week, so could he. Well, unless she enjoys meeting different man every week, I think it’s waste of time. And I often heard that the pictures resemble nothing in reality. ..

There isn’t a right way or wrong way doing it. You do what you have to and want to. But you get what you dish. So I think being kind, generous and less calculating may find a true love again. Not saying being meant and stingy won’t find true love.

I don’t have distraction of little Giants, so I hope I convey my thoughts clearer. In any event, life is simple yet complicated, or simply complicated. I’m no expert except knowing that you could only harvest what you planted.

有情人终成眷属 .. Let your heart lead you.

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