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DGF Suez Open

Tennis Channel is showing semi (in Paris; hard court – too early for clay?) between Jelena Jankovic (#3) and Emilie Mauresmo #24. Both girls in red: Emilie in two pieces red and Jankovic in one pc orange-red that looks like an night gown, with the bra straps showing. Not pretty. And I’m wondering if Jankovic’s wearing padded bra? Emilie won the match with 6:2, 0:6 and 6:1 – pretty wild; good match, many exciting rallies. Ricardo Sanchez (?) – Jankovic’s coach stood up on a questionable line call. Bad manner.

Golfer dislikes Emilie very much. Hmmmm .. she does look like a man, even her manner. But she uses single hand back hand. So I’m all for Emilie.

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The seagulls

It rained over night. Waking up to a cleaner earth :). Everything’s just so fresh. I did 15 minutes in the pool: can’t stay too long: the water is too warm for swimming and it’s too small. The endless turning just bores me – I’m grateful that they have a heated pool, because out door is always beats the tiny ones indoor.

The clay courts would be ready to play at 10am. So I rode to the beach. When I returned to the club, there were 4 players. Yapppppy. A couple and two singles. The drill was more interesting than just me and Dana.

Looking out the window, there are more golfers on the course ..

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