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NFL combine

NFL is drafting this weekend. All the eligible candidates are showing up, giving their potential employer a final look. The process is no less than rocket science, I’m sure. Few years ago it was held in New York.

When San Diego drafted Eli Manning, he refused to go. He had always wanted to play for the Giants and it wanted him too. It might look very arrogant when you’re unproven commodity. But Eli has proven. I wondered what would happen if a player doesn’t want to play for the team that has drafted him? Does the player has a button to press to say Yes or No to the draft right away so he remains available for the next team?

The first time I saw the draft, it reminded me of the slave auction in the ancient time. The owners would inspect the slave before buying. The same goes with the NFL draft, (other major league as well but football is the most pungent. Actually few football rituals remind me of the Romans, the medieval time, like the QB would knee down if the team is leading to wear out the last couple of minutes.) that they all have stat sheets in hand, just short of poking the player’s eyes, and exam his arm pits (ok ..) .. but you get the picture.

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Delray Beach Champion

Tennis Channel was showing last year’s match when James Blake is being beaten soundly by an 18 years old Jap Kei Nishikori who can play – 6:3, 1:6 and 4:6. The kid is only 5’10” or so, considered small just won his first career title. Anyway, there are two sofas on the court, so tacky. Is that one of the promotional gimmick they use to attract crowds?

Oh the Blake. He’s another Todd Martin. No killer instinct, no tools and with an sticking out butt. Good looking guy thou.

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