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The terrorist

the parking lot story .. June 2007 I’m always being unfairly targeted.
With my kids, I always have to be conscious, not to take picture of ..
.. the parking lot (Mom … it’s parking lot for pete’s sake!!)
.. of highway (what’s there to take, Mom?)
.. of them (oh … Mom .. give me a break will you??) ..
of bathroom

Actually on our last vacation, my family had unanimously agreed to vote me as the picture-terrorist, and would confiscate my camera.

The parking lot story .. and more pics of them together, even it just their backs ..

2009-11-7 at Marist College

2008 Aug Vancouver“Mom, if you behave nicely (like no more picture taking) we’ll give you back the toy and take you off the pic-terrorist list.” King told me.
Pumpkin would always patiently wait for me when we went out, while I was busy taking picture .. and laged behind. She worried that they might lose their mom.
Today we went without kids to the CitiField and thought we would stay together with the Hous. Because they’re equally pic-terrorists. To prove it, the husband has 20 cameras! He came armed with two today. But after few minutes, they decided to dump me cause I was too slow .. lagging behind .. 刘姥姥初进大观园 .. Sight .. sight.. the kids didn’t want me, now the adults didn’t want me either. Golfer had no way out, so he stuck with me. Maybe eyeing the sky when I was not looking -:).

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Citi Field .. Caesars Club


The ticket to CitiField .. it has finally opened, not for the Mets game but St. Johns, a college game.

Padding down at the gate upon entry ..

The parking lots and the highways .. 🙂 The surrounding area of the CitiField. Don’t know when will they beautify this slump. Purely eyesore.

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