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The Citifield 花旗场

C closed at US$1.03, a penny stock now.

A-Rod made headline news with his pending surgery to remove a cyst from his right hip. Given the state of the economy, the price Citifield is charging – Golfer went to Islanders’ game this Thursday at $80 plus parking at $8 (Shea was at $12 last year) the last place team – I think the sport events are pricing themselves out of market.

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Horay, Pumpkin made her lacrosse varsity team. Poor mom I waited for an hour, then saw the three smiling girls piled in and as I was driving, they were still giggling. Girls! pls get hold of yourself 🙂 hehehe .. Congratulations.

I knew she wanted it, after the JV or junior varsity circuit. She’s very disciplined and methodically goes about her business.

The bad news of the day is knows a good friend of ours has breast cancer. She discovered last Christmas during the routine mammogram. Fortunately it’s early stage. Our prayer is with her.

Treasure these you know and close.

The opposing team is having a good time. More pics on their last game on FB

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