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Tiger Woods at the Inauguration .. 国母 is white

I’m glad to see Tiger’s speech when he mentioned only the military at Obama’s party. Both he and Obama are half black. Actually Tiger’s dad Earl was a mixture of Black, Chinese, and Native American. When the black people clamoring for the first black president (are they really that insecure?), I think in the process as if to say Obama’s white mother didn’t exist? It’s the same way with Tiger, as if to say his Asian Mom isn’t in the equation. We Asians could care less if Tiger claims himself a Black or Asian or even orange or eggplant i nthat matter, we love him equally, not becasue of his skin color but for his contributions to the world. Race should only be skin deep. I think we Asians have that confidence. Why didn’t Obama stand up to reiterate that he’s half white? 国母 is white, no matter how you dice the story.

Danny Lee is a new kid on the block of the golf green to watch. I think he’s probably more of Korean Lee than Chinese Lee 🙂 It’s so remarkable that so many good Korean golfers around nowadays.

Today March 8th, is the Ladies’ Day 三八妇女节 and I lost 3 sets in a row this morning – 6:3, 6:1 (with John) and 7:5 (with William). What can I say, just not my day. And I did a pretty disgusting thing by giving up a game. We were on serve and I was serving duce at 1 set to 2. It was perhaps the 8th duce and I double faulted it. Not entirely intentional but it could have been avoided. I was really tired – not a good excuse.

Last Thursday was a better day for me tennis wise, won 3 sets convincingly with Larry. The 4th was a give away that I threw in the towel: couldn’t move my feet any more, and I was experiencing new symptom: cramp in my thighs. First it occured in my right and then the left didn’t want to be left out so it joined in by third set. I was so relieved n happy to won the third set.

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