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6 sets

From Russia friends with love: bitter medicines tested and proven.

If one loves something so much, she’ll do it under any circumstance. I’ve been playing with pains for a while. My caring and concerned buddies have given me many remedies. The only problem is: will they work for me?

Any way, I played 6 sets, 2 wins and 4 losses. Took 2 showers, finished the Times and got dinner ready. Now taking few minutes to blog before my guests arrive.

My ankle will never heal.

First game started at 6am. William and Ding looked hungry and all business, 气势汹汹 qishi xiongxiong -fierce. Josh and I surrendered the first set at 6:1. We changed site, and got a bagel (W and D did not get us lox, cheapos). Changed side again, got another hot dog. The fourth set was on serve @ 2:2 when time was up. Josh wanted to continue out door. I just wanted a hot shower.

While I was grocery shopping in Flushing, Jonathan called at 10:30 asking where I was. Darn, I did say I’d come to play last night. So I rushed there to play again. Was I nuts or what? I don’t know. No asking Irene.

So Irene teamed up with Simon played against Jonathan and Bob. Simon got his game at love, and Jonathan was down at 15:40 when I missed an easy overhead. The first set went to them, 6:2.

I wasn’t terribly down at that point even my ankle was bothering me but not to a point that I wanted to quit. So to compensate my limited movement, I used my brain a little; got ready for each shot and turned my shoulders .. the whole 9 yards. We were 4:0 then eventually took the second set at 6:2. And third set at 6:2 also.

Paul Lin came for the real game. He said, “Wow, you improved a lot, now you get to play with me.” Ha ha ha ha.. and he went on to ask, “what else would she have worked so hard for?” Actually with the Sunday morning group, Paul as well as Wah were always in high demand, and other players would juggle hard to play with them.

Friday I teamed up with John and played Phyllis and Clay. We had set a team then. John and Phyllis had to leave. So Power and I played against Larry and Clay. They were so sarcastic and let us went to 5:1 then tighten the screw. Beaten us at 5:7. They were pretty funny and made me laugh so much till it hurt. The friendly games were competitive but still differ from the USTA’s league. Hmmmm… the league .. na, not now.

Yesterday afternoon Simon practiced with me for nearly an hour, on volley and lob. When Benny came, we started mixed doubles game against SAndy – Sandy and Andy. Few years ago in a tourney, Albert and I defeat SAndy and then Chris and Eric to take the trophy home. But now SAndy are so much better. Don’t think Albert and I would have a chance. So back to the game. We were down at 1:3 and then caught up at 3:3, Benny told me, “they won’t take another game from us.”

Benny is type of guy who would tell you he could get you a good deal practically anywhere. When I first met him few years ago, on court. He had a clear plastic box that contained 6 or 12 cans of tennis balls.
“Where did you get it?” I asked because the cans were rolling around in my truck in disarray.
“I got it from Costco.” He replied.
“I should go and buy.” I said out loud.
“I can get you a good deal on it.” He said.
Of course he never followed it up 🙂

At 3:3, Sandy needed to go to the girl’s room.

Tony came.

So it’s boys’ game. Tony teamed with Andy against Simon and Benny. We were just some groupies. The seriousness was in the air. I seldom heard Simon say s-h-i-t but he said it a lot yesterday. And there were tense moments. The Israeli and the Singaporean were often disagreed. There were many light moments when we laugh. Both teams (8.0) had the chance to win if they played it right and well. The first set went to the Israeli/Singaporean. Second set went to Tony/Andy. I left at 6pm when they started the third set.

Tony often took up the entire court as if he’s playing singles. I think his joy at playing tennis is the apparent pressure not the pleasure. He always seemed tense. But again, who am I to criticize when I am always on the losing end? I probably should start to put some seriousness and pressure on myself. Maybe I am really afraid to lose, so I tell myself that I just want to have a good game? Loser.

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