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Working for Lenny Dykstra?

It was every New York sports journalist’s dream come true: working for a Mets legend on his glossy new magazine, leaving behind the daily newspaper grind for the world of private jets, high finance, and $18 million estates. But as Kevin Coughlin found out, when your boss is Lenny Dykstra, you’d better be ready to get beaned

By Kevin Coughlin

Oh poor Kevin .. I’ve heard Lenny been making waves first in car wash then became the stock picker .. baseball never thrills me but Lenny kind of did. He was pretty exciting to watch, like the Knicks’ John Starks, tennis one-slamer Michael Chang, even Evan Lendl*: not terribly gifted but max out on what they had, worked very very hard at their craft. They all fairly known amount the fans in their respective sport. Asking your employees to foot the private jet is the first. .. Hope Kevin’s article would yield enough monetary reward to make up the salary Lenny owed him.

*Lendl once said

People will sometimes ask me, ‘How much talent did you have in tennis?’ I say, ‘Well, how do you measure talent?’ Yeah, sure, McEnroe had more feel for the ball. But I knew how to work, and I worked harder than he did. Is that a talent in itself? I think it is.”

Am I a snob if I admit that I only enjoy watching Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and Boris Becker, not Lendl and Chang?

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