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Today isn’t my day. I just lost a watch. Not A watch. THE watch. Lucy’s, given to me by Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Winnie in 2005, after her funeral. It was very thoughtful of them. I rarely wear it and today took it to change battery. I probably did not buckled it tight afterward. When I sat down to eat, realized it was no longer on my wrist. I traced my footsteps back to the store, but didn’t find it. I just wanted to slap myself and scream.

It could have been a nice day. I won three sets this morning with a James (what’s his name?) against Clay and a lady. Then Power came and he teamed up with the girl (I got dumped .. wa wa wa) .. somehow we gave them a bagel.

Then I saw Charles Zhang was at Next court, threesome. So I went to play with them. I haven’t played with Charlie for a few years. He improved tremendously. The very first time we played was few years ago, one morning .. Sunny and I had a date to play doubles, as we were about to strike the first ball, Sunny spotted an Indian male player who dressed in black, looking really cool and looking for a game. So dear Sunny told me,
“Irene, you go play next court.”
I looked around, next court? There were only two guys playing.
Sunny was busy with the new MIB, as he was hitting, he spotted Charlie, who was looking for a game, with his racket on his shoulder wandering around the Cunnigham Park .. ..
“You,” Sunny was busy hitting and telling Charlie,
“You go play with her.”
So that’s how we met.
I was pretty mad at Sunny who got me up early to the court and dropped me like hot potato for MIB :). That’s very Sunny .. but I love him anyway – unrequited. Ya, I have no life.
Charlie is pretty cool: he has not been playing for long, about 10 years or less (I think 7 or so) but as soon as he started to play, he’s been taking two weeks off every year to work at USTA during the Open. We are talking about the dedication and craziness about the game. He’s really a solid player now and won’t be taking a cast off from Sunny any more cause he has large playing base now.
The guy I was teamed up with, IF my memory served right, was a coach from Shanghai whom I took a lesson with once, about 13 years ago. He was odd. First he said he couldn’t run because he had more lessons to give, “too tired” was what he said. Then he took the shading site of the court because he didn’t want to stand under the sun. I think he probably just got here. I never called him again.
I didn’t know the other guy’s name but saw him around. He and Charlie were nice, didn’t smack down on me. We actually had a break then the fourth guy arrived.

Btw, I just cheched, thank lord my head is still on my shoulders. I kicked myself so hard for losing the watch, it hurt! I probably won’t have the good fortune at finding it this time around. Not sure I was hungry or mad but ate extra dumplings and stuff that I didn’t know the name. Emergency room next?


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