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I was utterly routed 落花流水

I was mauled by two vicious victorious men William and Ding again. It was first time ever that Simon and I got bageled and egged. Sorry Simon. They were 来势汹汹 again: prepared and ready to roll. The weakest link Irene was pretty busy, getting all the balls but couldn’t do a thing. Simon quitted talking from game 3 – he wasn’t pleased the way I played. And the two went on to win 10 games straight: 6:0 and 6:1.

So William decided to take poor me as partner against them. We got two hot dogs – 1:6 & 1:6.

Holy smoke. So all those times they were playing nice with me, baby the shots, making Irene happy, being the perfect gentlemen. Thanks a lot guys. I need to go into hiding and horn my game in a cave 🙂 where is da Osama bin Laden – saw a syndicated carton on the Times where one Wall Streeet executive holding a bag of bonus $$ was looking for a cave to hide and being greeted by Mr. bin Laden who’s telling the master of the universe to “find your own cave ..”. Can you believe that the AIG executives are getting death threats .. .. how dumb can the public be .. read on:

FAIRFIELD, Conn. — The bus pulled to a stop, and a pastor whose sister-in-law was facing foreclosure, a laid-off steelworker with a wife and five children, and a few of their colleagues nervously stepped out, like sightseers in some exotic land.
The exotic land was a residential neighborhood here in one of the wealthiest places in America, Fairfield County, where, at the end of a cul-de-sac a short walk away, an A.I.G. executive lived. The pastor, the steelworker and about 40 others slowly made their way up the street, past the house with the four-car garage, as an international press corps numbering about 50 chronicled every step.
.. ..

Totally so UNAmerican.

Hi, people, stop that. This has gone way way too far. IF the executives did not steal or rub the bank, got their pay thought work, leave them alone. Direct your anger elsewhere, like toward the government who failed to regulate the mess in the first place, or those who agreed to their salary. This still is, a free market, correct?

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Michael Jordan cries

When his son’s team wins the state championship. So sweet ..

PEORIA, Ill. – Michael Jordan celebrated another Chicago basketball championship – his son’s.

Marcus Jordan, son of the Bulls’ six-time champion, scored a game-high 19 points to lead Chicago Whitney Young to a 69-66 victory over Waukegan in the Illinois Class 4A championship Saturday.

As Marcus Jordan and his teammates celebrated on the court after the final buzzer, Michael Jordan stood quietly, clapping his hands with tears in his eyes.

“Crying?” the NBA great said in response to a reporter’s question. “I’m not crying. Not for me, anyway.”

The younger Jordan was key down the stretch after two teammates fouled out, hitting four of four free throws in the final 3 minutes to seal the victory.

“Awesome,” Marcus Jordan said. “Just awesome.”

Michael Jordan, part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, skipped his team’s home loss to Indiana so he could attend his son’s game. Another son, Jeff Jordan, plays basketball for the University of Illinois.

The pride of a parent. The love of a parent. ..

Michael is one of my most favored athletes. Smart, sexy and accomplished. I always wonder why Jaguar didn’t use him to advertise, a perfect fit – the older models when it was sleek and sexy; the newer models are look like Japanese. Instead he did for undies, fruit of loom, what a waste.

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