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Monica Seles: A bubbling career pierced with a knife

International Herald Tribune
By Christopher Clarey , Published: February 15, 2008

For all practical purposes, Monica Seles was already retired from competitive tennis before she issued her brief, fan-friendly statement on Thursday confirming the obvious.

An old news. I was searching for something else, came upon this one. It’s nicely written.

I was never her fan but liked her father Karolj Seles very much, humble and quiet who would cheer for both girls. He had to be one of the best tennis daddies around. I once ran into Steffi Graf’s dad, Peter at the gate of US Open. He acted like he owned the place, arrogantly cruised in without regard to the others and gate keepers.
Ok, we knew you’re Steffi ‘s dad, so what?
His cheating on taxes landed him in jail for 3 years and 9 months.

This morning Phyllis and I teamed up against Larry and John and we actually got 3 game out of them. The second set they tighten the screw so we got a bagel. Met a tall new player Rob who teamed up with me for one more set against Larry and Phyllis. We were up 4:2 when Josh replaced Phyllis. I just couldn’t close the game at 5:2 and we ended up losing 7:5 in tiebreak.

While playing, an electrician installed a video camera in the corner of court 9 that could surveillance one side of the courts, 7-9. Phyllis joked, now that we can’t do it on court, have to settle it behind the blue curtains 🙂
Yesterday I played with girls. Gals. I almost hit one of the girls. The entire court gone silent. And I wanted to kill myself. I think in the midst of it, my girl partner and I got a bagel from them. I just don’t know how to play nice with girls 🙂 … but we did talk about cooking and mothering, a lot.
When the pressure is high, I tend to focus more. Alright, I admit, Irene sucks.

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