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Citi Field .. food court


the PA announced that all the tickets were sold out.. the limited number of tickets were sold out on the first day at the brand new stadium.
The greasy fried perfume was thick in the air. It was dampy and cold, so it was bit bearable; not sure in the hot summer day. After a while, the aroma made me sick. The Americans need to eat constantly, so there are always food stands. They need to buy something, regardless of what, just trinkets on display, for them to have an excuse to take out their wallets, hence every museum/sport arenas/parks have plenty shops for them to spend.

Nathan’s World Famous Beef Hot Dog $4.75
Pretzel $3.75
Lobster roll $24
Mama’s Italian Special Hero $9.75
16 oz Fountain Soda $3.50
Bottled Water $3.75
16 oz Buswiser $7.50
Chicken Milanese $9.50

The tickets are ranging from $695 to nosebleed (cheapest) seat at $11. Let’s see .. a family of 4,
ticket $36 = $144
parking $18 = $18
food $20 = $80
Total: $243

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Citi Field .. alcohol compliance officers


After 9/11, the word compliance is hot.

Just as corporate raiders represented the Wall Street of the 1980’s (think of Gordon Gekko) and mutual fund managers were the icons of the 90’s (Jeffrey N. Vinik, who ran the Fidelity Magellan fund, was a minor celebrity), the lawyers who keep companies in compliance with increasingly tough regulatory laws have become a new prototype of the financial district.

They may lack the flash and glamour of earlier models, but this is the compliance lawyer’s moment in the sun.

Now come in the alcohol compliance on baseball field.

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Finally, the new Citi Field


The new Citi Field had opened today, hosted St. Johns vs Georgetown. The season opening is slated on 4/13. The new stadium is classy, cozy, wide open, less seats (they couldn’t sell out anyway, might as well make them nicer and less ..) nicely done, with an old world charm, or old ball field feeling, like the Ebbets Field where Brooklyn Dodgers played. It’s a good place to go, to watch a game and have a drink or two. But today was too cold to have a beer 🙁 .. thank lord it didn’t rain out, the sun almost made it through. The Shea Stadium was like a no frill old Soviet thing, no kidding. The surrounding of the field is still lousy, not sure when it will be completely rehabilitated.

When we left, St. Johns was down 4:6. Every time when a Georgetown guy scored, but RBI or homer, the dugout would be emptied out, everyone rushed out to high five the player. So bush league .. This is the first time I saw a minor league or college, so I have no way of knowing it’s the tradition or just the Georgetownies.

Once we were vacationing at the Cap Cod, Golfer sneaked out for a minor league game at night .. couldn’t say I was disappointed .. but would it be nicer if he said he scored with a girl?

Golfer has a colleague who works in the tax department how’s evening gig isn’t parparing your tax returns but sell beers at the Shea now at the Citifield with the Mets. He does it for the love of it

I would take my kids there, the only problem is: would they want to go?

Now, will the Citigroup have the nine lives to renew the contract in 2029?

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Classic Bobby Valentine: Waiting for a Call

I miss Bobby Valentine. The game was more exciting when he was around. Anyone still remembers once he was being thrown out of the game, but came back with disgust, a fake mustache and all that. It was for a good laugh although he got fined. Who cared. We loved him for it.

Now he’s been in Japan for a few years .. and the Mets never gone far after him. He at least took the team to the World Series, only lost to dammed Yankees.

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