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The Avery rule

Sean Avery is New York Rangers’ left wing who really into fashion beside being brutal on the ice. He twice led the National Hockey League in penalty minutes, perhaps is better known for the Avery Rule.

“I [Avery] admire well-dressed men no matter where they are — a guy in a police uniform that has it pulled together nicely or a doctor in his scrubs,” he said, a nasty scratch bleeding on his chin. “I like that identity of having a presence. I think that’s what it is. It states your presence.”
Mr. Avery’s most notorious on-ice moment came during the Stanley Cup playoffs last spring, when he sought to distract the Devils goalie Martin Brodeur by standing with his back to the action and using his arms and stick to block the goalie’s view, aping every move Mr. Brodeur made. Hockey purists fumed. The next day the league banned such antics, a prohibition known informally as the Avery Rule.

The Times magazine even put him on its 8th Annual Year in Ideas for inventing this unsportsmanlike conduct. Other ice hockey players had done so but not to this exreme, which defeats the purpose of the game. Similarly, basketball has a three second rule which prohibits a 7-footer android just standing by the basket. I would like to see Jordan to air walk and then slam dunk the ball.

Both sport leagues acted shiftily and the rule created and being enforced.

The US Government has a lot learning to do, from the sport league. I was rolling my eyes last night reading the governemnt ordered GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner to resign, in order to get more federal funding. 杀鸡儆猴 shaji jinghou, centesimate or 亡羊补牢wangyang bulao mend the fold after a sheep is lost, bit too late? Granted the laws and rules would most likely be created after the crime or misdeed had been committed. But once it created, should be enforced. The SEC has laws and rules to regulate Wall Street, but they didn’t enforce them the way the sport league did. The games are ever so popular while the financial sector is in disarray.

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10/30/2009 ..

“For the land of the free,” Mr. Platini jokes, “the United States has more rules and regulations than anybody else!” He pauses. “American professional sports seemed to cope in the financial crisis better than the stock market did. .. “

Michel Platini the former star on the soccer field is right, absolutely and positively right.

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