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Nadal: Ripped. (Or Torn Up?)

This June article on Rafael Nadal

At tournaments, teenage girls scream when they see Nadal walk onto a tennis court, literally shriek and leap to their feet and clutch each other; women older than his mother shiver and elbow their friends; men raise their cameras aloft;

What Cynthia Gorney is talking about? We, the older women gone crazy over Nadal? Am I the third sex or what? I’ve never seen it. I remembered seeing rows upon rows of lesbians (most of them wear short bob haircuts) came out in force when Martina Navratilova played. The ladies didn’t scream but they sure did elbow their friends (when Martina his a winner) and raise their cameras a lot.
However, I do gradually develop the liking of Nadal as a person, a humble small town boy. On court, I choose Roger and Pete any given day. Nadal doesn’t play ugly – Winning Ugly, coined by Brad Gilbert, but there isn’t prettiness about Nadal’s style of play. I prefer finesse over brute, which is the way tennis suppose to be played. Yap, brute is the word associate with Nadal in my mind.

Gorney did get the G string part right …

Nike, which pays Nadal more than $3 million a year to wear its clothes, has never designed a pair of shorts that kept Nadal from loosening the seat just before he serves the ball.

When Nadal serves, after loosening his G string, his face twisted and followed by a grunt, releasing the lethal weapon – the little yellowish ball that travels at the speed about 130 miles an hour.

There are many handsome players with a pretty and sassy playing style: Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Patrick Rafter, etc. I would consider Amélie Mauresmo. Too many to name, but Pete is definitely the best-looking man around.

Michael Chang and Ivan Lendl are the same: they lack the apparent innate talent and they relied on their only talent that is working hard. I don’t like to watch that, the counterpunchers. It’s too cruel, too harsh and too brutal. Like watching Patrick Ewing. Not pretty.

There are many players that I enjoy playing with, and there are few I do not. Among the few, not they aren’t good players, but they aren’t. Some little things tend to bother me. Like they play sissy. I can not stand a man being sissy, like pacing the baseline, stocking time to regroup – that’s cheating. There is limited time in between point, 10 seconds or 30?

Well, I couldn’t say my dislike is due to my weak mental toughness or just plain disdain of the sissys. Many times, I just lost my patience, wondering how could a man act so dishonorably?

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