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The big babe big time sport

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Pumpkin’s off to her lacrosse camp soon, the 2nd. The first one she went to was two weeks ago. As soon as we arrived, I was like … Oh mighty!
Her fellow campers were all so so tall, big and strong. And so legally blonde. The parents, mostly moms were all mostly fit and tanned.
When I went to pick her up, I literally had to look through the shoulders of the crowds to find her.

Apparently, Big babes are in every sport, now.

Of the previous camp, she said it wasn’t as rigorously demanding as she thought would be, actually had time to finish the book we advised her to take. This past weekend her coach K asked what would she like to play in college.
She replied without hesitation
Knowing what you’re getting into, it’s fine, great, play to your heart’s content.

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