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Pumpkin’s bankhand

Pumpkin’s backhand and her serve

2009-08-04 @ North 2005-08-25

2009-08-04 2005-08-25

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An insatiable player

Chinese has few idioms describing someone, if you give him an inch and he’ll take an ell – 得寸进尺, reach out for a yard after taking an inch .. 不识抬举 fail to appreciate someone’s kindness or not know how to appreciate favours

.. ..

One of the 老爷们儿 in the welcoming committee that went to the airport to chauffeur Mr. First caught cold and is now on antibiotic since.

Since the win on Saturday, the group is busy coordinating their next battle: Section playoff at Syracuse, New York, August 7-9. Who’s going and when (we groupies only go during the last two days); who shares a room with who and who car pooling with who, which day to depart, what time to depart .. .. is there a website that can handle all of those?

They need at least 8 players: two singles and 6 doubles. Then by 6pm last night, Mr. First informed the coordinator that he won’t be able to come Thursday night [that’s ok ..] .. then he went on to say that he may even not able to come Friday night [first match starts 9am on Friday].
His excuse is too much work this week.
I hope the 3.5 boys are taking different approach to the little whinny. Ignoring him might be the best medicine to cure someone who needs attention all the time.
Just very curious to see 看他怎么下台 how and when will Mr. First come to play with us.
Couple of players who originally planed to leave on Friday now changed to Thursday. No worry, Mr. First. We got enough manpower here.
Irene is the only one in the group couldn’t land a job (laid off Dad is only recently, so that made two), but she keeps herself busy. We all have 24 hours. We prioritize our life. Obviously the play off isn’t important. We understand.
One Dad negotiated with his wife to go on planned vacation with their three children to Florida without him. We don’t know if that would cost him his arm or leg .. JK .. I like his wife a lot, actually she is a 4.0 and probably can beat the crap out of few undesirable character for sure, no problema.
I disdain long drive. But I’m going, showing my support to the troop.
As I’m writing this, DQ had just made concrete reservation for hotel, 10 rooms in total. 20 people strong.
Oh people, let’s the party begin.
I’m gonna shopping now, a party dress that covers my belly and thighs and white chalk that erase my wrinkles, and big bag of love for everyone …

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