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The fairness of NTRP

I’ve taken many doubles lessons with few coaches. They all insisted that we, the newbies and green tomatoes should approach the net together. I always found it odd. Yes, the pros do that. I saw. But we aren’t, we couldn’t and unable. The coaches seem to forget our level of play or skills.

What were they thinking.

The other day, I read the National Tennis Rating Program NTRP. For 3.0, it indicates ..

Most common doubles formation is one-up, oneback

This IS pretty accurate, they recognize how the weekend hackers play.
the lovey doveyThe purpose of the program is intended for a player to rate himself to participate in a league/tourney, for a leveled playing field. In reality? Most players adhere to it and few don’t. One seasoned female league player said there are few who like to dumb down and enjoy the winning .. .. going to the National competition, almost every year. A few good (sports)men. It beats me. I enjoy a fair game. A good game comes before win or lose.

.. This pair Simon and I played last Sunday was one of them: she’s 3.5 and he’s solid 5.0. Do you enjoy beating a 3.0 or 4.0 opponent? (Well, there was prize money involved ..) Irene doesn’t. Perhaps I’m more of a manthan a man, the third sex. I shut up, or suck up. Don’t like it? Don’t particpate. Nothing is perfect. Deal with it like a man 🙂

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