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Why do I have to change my camera ..

Casio Exilim EX-S5, 10 mg, $130 ~ . ~ Nikon CoolPix S630, $218

The 4th Casio digital camera I purchased is Exilim EX-S5 with 3x optical zoom (picture above, left). I ran into Larry at the US Open who just purchased his Nikon Coolpix S630 (right). His last camera got stolen.

hi .. dude ..
The EX-S5 is slow – the shutter speed.
The flash tends to over bright the picture

The battery/SD card door sleds open easily without intend. Actually Casio has improved over the years because the previous ones’ battery slot had no guard like the later models. I lost my second Casio’s (after breaking the screen/LCD I still managed to use it) battery while riding for the MS Tour in the city.

Look at the pictures above .. my decision to dump the Casio is wise, isn’t it?

.. my g/f thinks I’m abnormal .. to prove that I’m a third sex, a man who wears pants .. neither gay or lesbian, so here I found one good looking dude – a GQ model? to show off, with Larry’s lens .. hi dude, look my way pleeeaaassse?

.. .. and I think she likes tennis ..
.. .. maybe just a little ..

does she like tennis?
tattoo on the leg

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