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The quilt and tail

backAny one noticed Maria Sharapova’s hideous outfit at the 2009 Open – like my bed quilt, and it has an tail at the back, plus her head band too that Brad Gilbert called it discoy. The Nike dress is very Gypsy.

Poor Tsevtana Pironkova of Bulgaria is being disabled on the center court by the Gypsy although she looks able, just couldn’t do a thing to Maria.

Not sure why Madonna would want to get into human right business. She got booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies.
Anyone traveled to Europe would have either encountered them or had seen them. One year in Paris subway, as I was making my way up the narrow stairs, I suddenly felt the handbag on my shoulder became light. I looked to my right and saw this dirty-faced little girl. She ran toward downstairs like a rabbit.
My purse’s zipper was opened.
My wallet was stolen.
A couple I befriended during my trip to Budapest was with me. The wife was a tough cookie. She chased the girl immediately and caught her by the train track.
frontThe wife demanded my wallet.
The little girl looked up at her with her two palms up.
Since our French wasn’t really functioning, so she pushed the girl for the wallet.
The station was deserted during the late morning. There was another girl who’s bit older, like 8 or 9 stood across the platform.
“They must be together.” The husband suggested.
“Give me the wallet.” The wife asked for the last time and began to body search. When that failed, she slapped the girl. Then she saw the girl’s right arm was not moving to rebuff her.
She forced the girl to lift her right arm .. .. found my wallet.
That wasn’t the end of her detective work.
There was a lone Japanese man in suit, pacing the platform. He too lost something – pocketbook with his business contacts.
“Not your wallet?”
“No .. “ He didn’t even know who to get to his next meeting without it.
“No money in it?”
“No money.”
The Mrs. Detective pointed to the garbage can.
“Check the can.”
Yup, it was discarded there.
While we struggled, the innocent husband went to the street and hailed a police.
So the four of us spent another two hours in the Paris’s police station.
How romantic.
Man is from Mars. They’re clueless.
Another time Golfer and I just arrived at Venice. As soon as we got off the taxi, a little Gypsy stole his wallet from his pocket.
A tall Italian guy came over, padded his shoulder, and pointed to his pocket.
“Where is my wallet?” Golfer asked.
Mr. Tall pointed to a girl who’s running away.
Perhaps he sensed we were completed FOBs and disoriented, he ran after the girl and was able to retrieve the wallet.
Guess what Golfer said aside from thanking the hero?
“She gave back to him probably saw those Amex travelers checks.”
Hellooooo .. Mr. !!
No, Mr. Tall forcefully grabbed it from her.
… Further prove man is from Mars… I’m resting my case here.

~ … ~

Anyway, Ms. Gypsy took the match at 6:3 and 6:0. During the after match interview with Pat Shriver she said her dress is inspired by Frank Gehry, the Canadian architect, complete with Tiffany earrings.

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Bye Shea and hello Citifield

Car’s license plate Bye Shea: from a die hard fan?

~ Yankee stadium

Shea Stadium is gone.
Long gone.
In place is the new CitiField.
A nice stadium in deed.
How about the team that occupies it?
The Mets?
How are they doing this season?
Whatev ..
I enjoy the commentating of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling.

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