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College Stars Run for Cover From Fans’ Cameras

While shopping recently at RadioShack, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was approached by a woman with a seemingly innocuous request to take a picture with him. But an instant before her mother snapped the photo with a cellphone camera, the woman tried to take off her shirt.

What kind of mother is this woman?! Haven’t they heard of photoshop and wide arrary of tools with ever changing new technology that enable you cut and paste, and putting together a picture?

As for cellphone camera ..

NEW YORK (CBS) ― The student who alleged she was gang raped by five men inside a Hofstra University dormitory bathroom on Sunday has admitted to making the entire story up, the Nassau County District Attorney’s office confirmed on Wednesday night.

The cottonhead recanted her accusation was .. due to .. cell phone video existed backing up the five men ..

Don’t those women give females a bad name? I’m the third sex. I don’t worry 🙂

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