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Giants at Cowboys

Oh well .. another NFL football season is (already .. they beat Red Skins last week 23:17) under way.

100,000+ people are at the new Cowboys’ stadium plus 20k+ milling around – did I hear it right? Top that. George and Laura Bush flipped the coin for the opening night. (Is he reduced to that?)

Tiki Barber covers for the NBC. I think I just found some one to replace Lionel Richie with 100 teeth.

It’s always fascinating to me that Giants’ tickets are so much harder to get by than, say Denyce Graves of Met Opera – its season is also under way. I last saw Graves‘ Carmen at the Met. Would I have traded that one with a Giants game? Hmmmm .. not sure 🙂

Ok, my little Giants are leading by 3 at 3rd quarter, 20:17. Go Giants.

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A wedding ..

DSCN1108Not sure Tini Tran and Edward Wong’s is the first wedding announcement took place in Beijing that appear on the New York Times.

The bride and bridegroom are foreign correspondents in Beijing, the bride for The Associated Press and the bridegroom for The New York Times.

Daniel Gross and Steven Goldstein were the first same-sex couple to appear in The Times’ wedding announcements.

Watch the video, it’s really heart warming. One’s mother broke down at the party
“Not of joy but embarrassment.”
17 years and they’re still going strong.


Anyway, it’s a gorgeous weekend, hope all of you had plenty out door activities. I played tennis for 3 straight days, today 7-11:30am .. the last set was against Pumpkin in doubles .. .. we or I lost, 6:3.

I need a life.

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