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It’s just a game

Tennis, isn’t just a game? But it looks like the USTA weekend hackers’ league means business.

One has to be well heeled to play:

  • USTA membership fee
  1. Adult: $40 per year ($110 for 3 years, $160 for 5 years and $750 for life)
  2. Family: $65 per year $175 for 3 and $160 for 5 years.
  • USTA registration $10 (?)
  • Team or roster fee: $22 (?)
  • Playing fee: varies from club to club. (It’s $20 per person – as guest – on Long Island. Did I hear that’s more expensive in Queens?)

No free love there. Kidding aside, they not only have stringent rules but also year-end ratings. The local league coordinator is sending reminder for the mandatory captain’s meeting next week. Newbie Irene is required to stay after dinner for extra training. If Wall Street does half of that, we probably still loading up Lehman Brothers’ stocks.

JanetOne of my top guns is being bumped to 4.5 and since he’s benchmark, he can’t appeal. 唉声叹气 aisheng tanqi – heavy and deep sighs. My hair just turned grayer. Am I going to cold calling again?! Give me a break guys, will you?


What’s benchmark? All US mkts are down now .. can you guys talk in Chinese -:)

One of the top guns enlightened me ..

Benchmark means he will sit on the bench so long, his butt will leave a mark

Today isn’t my day: this morning I lost two should-have-won sets; 2:1. On the brighter side, I got my $330 cell phone money back: I didn’t on my last contract. It’s a long story. Anyway, Janet, the girl who opened my account for the current contract seemed to transformed herself from a high school girl into an alluring lady: When I first met her this past May, she wore no make up, and looked like a little girl.
“Are you high school kid?” I was thinking about Pumpkin’s job hunting request.
“No, I’m 19.”
Then she went on to tell me how she got hired and how much did she get paid: $9 per hour.
Today, just happened she served me again and I didn’t remember her – with her make up. She has the sunniest disposition and is very sweet. Morning birds chirping comes to mind. I snapped this picture. The young boy behind her informed me,

“She’s our 店花.”


Her boss, Steve was mad,

“You can’t take a picture of my movie star.”

Ha ha ha..

I knew there were 4 girls called Flushing Beauty or something – long time ago. Shirley’s one.

“Why don’t you compete in beauty pageant?”

“I did but I’m camera shy.” She replied.


The power of make up. .. And I don’t claim to a photogrpher.

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