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My little tennis corner


2010 Nov 23 warming up at NTC
2005 vs 2009, Sept 29
Aug 29, 2010 one serve; more; 52 Pick-Up
2009 May 24, Forehand and back, Backhand, Watching TV

Oct 9, serve


Apr 14 Whitney no. 1, no 2, no 3, no 4
Jan 1 Working hard even on New Year’s Day

Dec 26, forehand
Dec 24, working hard on Christmas Eve !!
Dec 4, playing at Bay Terrace
Dec 4, warming up at Bay Terrace
Nov 23 warming up at the NTC
Nov 21 at the North warming up
Nov 18 at the Randalls Island
Nov 16 at the NTC
Nov 14 warming up at net; at baseline; a serving game and receiving
Oct 30 Serves, more serves, finally a game
Oct 31 warm up, a game and a more serving game
Sept 6, a point; one more; and 1 more
Aug 29 a few serves
April 7 at NTC with Larry
Oct 9, some serves at Whitney Pond


2011 Mar 19, a friendly CatsNY tourney
2010 Dec 28 USTA National Open Indoor Championships
2010 Aug 14 friendly match with NJ
2009 Aug 22-23 Tatang’s Memorial Cup 2009
2009 June 27 CatsNY

2010 Nov 4-5 National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships at National Tennis Center
2010 June 10-13 the 2010 Jana Hunsaker Memorial at NTC
2010 March 28 fund-raising for wheelchair tourney at NTC

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MTG calendar

mtg cal

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Foot fault

The last team practice was great, five were non-team members. It’s so great to play Speedy Simon who’s, well still speedy. He’s a dear and a great guy but just likes to serve inside of the baseline. So I jokingly told him to serve behind the line – hope this would not cause any trauma or anything of the sort. Kai joked that SS should start his serve motion from the back wall -:).

A small world: my partner was on a LI men’s 3.5 team and actually played against Ting Ken Zhang’s team last year during the play offs.

Ohhh .. Ken, the great 3.5 captain that led the team to the Nationals. I’ve seen but never played against him before. So last night when he teamed up with Lum, I found myself laughing hysterically. He’s hilariously – he serves like a shrimp – and got absolutely everything back even with those winning shots I thought was over and done. Golfer said the same thing about him on golf course – entertaining.
“I can’t stop laughing.” I complained to Lum.
“Good, that’s our strategy.” She replied with a poker faced.
That just made me laugh harder.
Sugar, I just added few more wrinkles since last night – now I look my age, people will give away their seat on subway and bus. Great. Thanks people.

Ok, on foot fault ..

Q. Can your opponent call foot fault on you when there is no referee?

A. The Code states that “compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of the player’s personal honor system.” If a player is committing flagrant foot faults, then an opponent CAN call him/her on it. But it is a pretty bold move to do so. He/she had better be certain that you have stepped on or over the line prior to contact before making this call.

What a bunch of nerd. I now won’t go to bathroom without consulting the rule or route.

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My Tennis Group

MTG is a site for tennis junkies: captains, players and pros to schedule matches/courts, manage their teams, etc., just everything tennis. I found this site out at the captain’s meeting from the Metro League Coordinator (in fall 2009). A friend did a search also recommended it.
To use it:

To log in:
Username: your first initial + full last name, i.e. ieng
Password: find it in the email from MTG for first timer or request one if you forget

Once logged in, please add your phone #s and validate your availability. You can change your availability any time, as often as needed.
To add extra match or two
The availability
Teammates: how to validate your availability
I’ve been trying it and found it to be useful (pls keep in mind that I’m new at organizing an USTA league): pros out weights the cons. Some features may not be what I think it means to be, so pls take my random thoughts and observations with a grain of salt:

The Pros:

  • The set up is easy
  • The Calendar page is useful and functional
  • The Availability page is useful and functional
  • Line up is a breeze
  • Adding additional match(es) – like playoffs – is easy
  • It tells me what to do on court – geeeze wizzz believe me

The Cons:

  • The calendar is only a holding cell: you can’t create an event on the calendar directly like with gmail or yahoo’s. The events will show up once you created them elsewhere. For example, from MyGroups/Manage Groups.
  • Too many e-mail spams: (not sure if there is On and Offoption)
    1. I normally receive double confirmations from the players.
  • There are glitches: the Availability page isn’t showing everything
  • When entering match info, the ending of the time of the match won’t adjust accordingly – I think set the default to one hour would be practical.
  • Once I scheduled a match, it offers following two options:

    – E-mail all team members the lineup

    – Save but do NOT e-mail all team members the lineup

    E-mail line up will send message out immediately and Save option will not save it for your for long: sends out the following day

  • It doesn’t cook me dinner or improve my forehand .. darn .. I knew there is a catch 🙂

More later .. WIP …


My Tennis Group

Once I scheduled a match, it offers following  two options:

– E-mail all team members the lineup

– Save but do NOT e-mail all team members the lineup

E-mail line up will send message out immediately and Save option will not save it for your for long: sends out the following day

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