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MTG: adding additional match


Expending an existing tourney or a league series on My Tennis Group is easy (for example .. .. you made the playoffs or want to add more matches to it ..).
+ MyHome   + MyProfile   + MyGroups

.. from the pull down menu of
-> MyGroups
-> -> Manage Groups
-> -> -> Schedule
-> -> -> + Add A Match (upper left corner)
See below ..

adding match

PS ..

Field of Dreams .. If you build it , he they will come

In the beginning of the season, I was debating if to use this site to manage my team; and had to arm twisting and leg wrestling some one into comply. Now I’m amazed and surprised to see everyone has confirmed their availability on the sectional playoff on 4/11 that I just added, quickly and quietly. The surprise is due to the fact that I chose not to inform the group because I had sent out an evite before I figured out how to add an additional match. Didn’t want to trouble them twice. Well, it sent out anyway. ..

THANKS a ton teamo, I really appreciated it. We’ll continuously do well as a team!!!!

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