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Oh dear ..

DSCN5594Wai has a way of endearing himself to his opponents.

I’ve been told many times by women of my endearing ways.

During a game his partner was serving and didn’t call out the scores. It was 40:15 with him at the net asking if it’s 30 all.
So 30 all it was.
But after they won the next point, he suddenly remembered that his opponents only won 1 point in this game.
So he went to the net again, to dispute ..
[Not much you could argue at this point since both sides agreed on 30 all.]
So he gave them the point. So it was 40:30. So they lost next point. So it’s deuce. So Sir Wai said informatively mixed with innocence,
“Oh its sudden death now.”
The opponent’s Dad in the balcony watching the game with us was visibly displeased.. ..

So pleeeeeeease CALL OUT the scores! It’s only fair. If you don’t, don’t be annoyed when your opponents does.

见牙不几眼The opposing team wasn’t in the playoff hunt but they dumped their first doubles by sending in a 3.5/3.0 combo while putting two 3.5 in their third doubles (I played the girl last summer). It’s not illegal but not very decent either: the idea of a proper lineup is to put your strongest pair at the top, in order to give your opponents a competitive game. The girl in the first doubles clearly had no clue or was too intimidated who often didn’t know where the ball was and what position she should take. Wai tried to engage her into the game by handing out freebies and candies, but she still couldn’t handle them.

After I saw her double faulting for no reason, didn’t you notice I slowed everything down and hit easier shots to her. I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of her parents.

More sportsmanship than gamesmanship. Way to go!

The following day was birthday of our identical twins. Another teammate just celebrated her 29th birthday the day before, a Pacific Ocean away. Having fleeced her out of cake couple of month ago I felt obligated to donate one myself. Errrrrrrr .. you guys have become expensive, ha ha ha. We had the cake after the match. Wai got mauled over with kisses and hugs and being adapted as a kid bro. Great team bonding only short of sleeping together. That, isn’t my business but won’t mind to be kept in the loop :).


Who’s birthday is in April, pls raise your hand. Another excuse to cheer!! The Black Forest Cake has become bit stale. It’s probably time to visit Veniero’s or Ferrara.

1st – 6:2, 6:1
2nd – 6:0, 6:1
3rd – 4:6, 4:6

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