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The second widowhood

Update: on Jan 3, 2011 Golfer scored a hat trick .. .. 3 goals in a game, becoming the most improved player out there.

0 DSCN6479Forgot how long I’ve been a golf widow. Getting used to it by now. Will I be ok with another widowhood? Too late, it’s unavoidable: ice hockey widow. Since Golfer started his quest back in the winter, I’ve been getting deliveries of huge boxes on daily basis. Many of them dwarfed me into midget. The former maid’s room is piled to the ceiling with ice hockey stuff. It used to store wine now I have dig deep to retrieve a bottle.
Not complaining but stating the fact and my plight.
It takes a long while to be ready: all those stuff need time to be put on. Think about it, man on skate travels fast and so does the little puck. You’d better have something that could block a shot ..
And it takes a long long while to take them off. And the time in the locker room was precious. Boys enjoy it very much. Perhaps beats out the drink after the 18th hole. The next shift crowd came and many had to do changing in the open: guess the locker room is too full with the departing crowd who had no desire to leave any time soon.
The Stanley Cup (French: La Coupe Stanley) is going on at the moment, so the fans are all acting up, excited and crazy.
DSCN6618The first layer of defense.
After winning the championship and trying to pretend to be a supportive wife, I went to his ice hockey game last Monday, at Syosset where the New York Islanders trains. Upon entrance, there is the artist’s rendering of future Nassau Coliseum that Charles B. Wang (王嘉廉 Wang Jialian) had envisioned since 2003, long time ago. There are lots going on regarding this development, to a point that Mr. Wang is considering move away. I haven’t been to Coliseum for a number of years because it felt yucky and depressing, like old Euorpa that every where you turn you see dilapidated corner, a beauty in her 80s and barely holding on. It’s just too brutal.
What’s stopping the county to grant Mr. Wang’s wish? The Lighthouse Project‘s already nixed..
The rink is in a decent condition, could be better but it’s ok. The large rink was being used by kids and the big men are using the side rink. I thought Golfer’s game bag is huge, which I dab it as body bag. Really, it can fit me probably without being cut into half. But compare to his mates, his is really 小巫见大巫 pale into insignificance by comparison.

Ice hockey is a very graceful and elegant game, still don’t understand why it isn’t as popular as other major league sports. It has speed, force, violence, blood .. beat out basketball when men running around half naked any given day, IMHO.

Golfer and his mates warming up first, then little drill and games. They mostly are middle aged men. It was exciting. One of the guys came out, jokingly asked me if I knew how to skate and should join them .. .. ha ha ha … Couple of the mates are grandpas who couldn’t skate the way the middle aged boys do but boy they could handle the puck. Although I saw no Alex Ovechkin nor Sidney Crosby (hahaha but again none of us are Pete Sampras or Agassi or Roger Federer) – actually both boys are already knocked out of .. so the NHL might need some replacements?

0 DSCN6620
0 DSCN6633
0 DSCN6628

As we were driving home, Golfer thought out loud enthusiastically that should our home rink offers such program he would have played everyday. I was like, silently, thank lord or whoever lives above that our home rink is geared toward figure staking. A supoortive wife indeed.

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When hotels fly

After votes, my team opted out the official hotel Marriott in Albany that cost $114 per night (with discount) the league has designed and went with We got Hilton that’s 1.3 miles away instead, cost $56.
“Does breakfast included?”
No, it’s an extra $11.95.
“Can we have 3 king-bed rooms and 3 double-bed rooms?”
We can’t guarantee.
“Can we be next to each other or close by?”
We can’t guarantee.
The operator reminded me twice that I booked thro hotwire, as if it’s dirtywire.
So what’s the heck can you guarantee? Do you at least guarantee a bed?
There are only two kinds of rooms: king bed and double beds.
She said if they’re sold out .. BUT you aren’t sold out now right? Otherwise why would you ended up on dirtywire for me to book?
Here is an article about hotel cutting corners. I’m sure if hotels fly, they sure would do what airlines are doing. But before you learn to fly, you’ve got to learn how to walk. If you aren’t happy with dirtywire, then don’t put your property on its site.

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