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Summary of Queens team 7.0 season

The league made me a better player.

Not that no one has ever mentioned to lob, to play on the deuce court, to serve down the middle and practice more forehand. But it seems I suddenly realized that I need to utilize all those tools on court, in order, well, to win.

Notes to aspiring new captains:

  • Knows who uses iPhone/Crackberry
  • Make sure everyone checks their email daily
  • Eliminate careless/innocent mistakes = as 99% out still makes it 100% in
  • Recruit player who exhibits good sportsmanship.  The mean girl might be the catalyst for your trouble
  • Set your priority: winning or having a good time

Paul displays a serious demeanor on court. The intensity could be overwhelming.

I had the habit of serving from both corners, feeling I didn’t have to run in order to cover that side of the alley. Although many partners had advised me not to do so but I continuously did. Until my last match with Paul when a light bulb went off in my little dim head. Or maybe his intensity forced me into thinking.

Communicating well on court makes the difference between winning or losing, especially during the tough moments.

I thought about my last waterloo match with Wai when we didn’t communicate well. As I was losing one service game after another .. so Wai told me to serve in the middle. I thought he asked me serve to the middle.

“Ok.” I replied but continuously fired from the corner and got killed. At change over Wai asked me again. I asked myself if he was insane: if I were able to serve to the middle wouldn’t I be 4.0 myself?

“I can’t.”

After I put in another wide serve and the girl returned with a great angle, Wai was really really mad.

“You’re telling me you can’t serve from the middle?” He screamed exasperatedly.

“No I can’t. I don’t have that type of control.”

He looked puzzled.


A rain storm came to visit, interrupted our play, few teammates dancin’ in the rain, June 3, 2007

jia baoyu

west side tennis club

foot fault

my tennis group

match standing

Leveling the playing field

the Manhattan n Queens charts

match standing as of Feb 23

The art of lineup

5/15 or 5/22

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过五关斩六将 wu guan liu jiang

Queens 7.0 Mixed Doubles has total 9 teams that splited into two groups: Division One has 5 teams, #1 – #5 and Two has 4 teams: #6 – #9. We’re #7 in Div 2.

wu guans:

  1. Regular Season (Jan – Mar in four differnt venues): 11 matches resulting 4 teams to advance to playoffs: 2 top teams from either division. We the Team 7 played 3 other teams in our own Division twice and once against the Div One’s 5 teams.
  2. Division Playoffs (April 11 at NTC, New York): 1 match that yielded two teams for the next round. First Place Team of each Div  plays Second Play Team of the other Division.
  3. District (Queens) Playoffs: (April 11 at NTC): 1 match, single elimination format.
  4. Regional (Area or Metro) Playoffs: (May at NTC) : 1 match against Manhattan League; single elimination format
  5. Eastern Sectional Playoffs : June 4-6 in Schenectady: round robin match 1, match 2, match 3, match 4 and match 5
  6. National: failed to make it

Our team standing at season end by MTG; some suggestions..

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