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Call challenge on the center courts

Wimbledon and US Open’s center courts allow players to challenge the line calls. I often wondered, so did Pumpkin how could a ball be called in when the review showed it’s just kissed the line. The shape of the dot vs the line shows it’s the actually size of the ball. But the ball is round, if its shadow kissed the line, then the bottom of the ball could not, would not touch the line, hence it’s OUT. We armatures definitely call it out, because it is out.

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The Hilton Garden Inn

cozy lobby DSCN6672 a prom is held at the Marriott
We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn at Albany Airport Hotel that I booked through Pretty good. The lobby is cozy and intimate. The swimming pool is small but ok. It’s about 10 minutes drive to the courts.

Albany is dull and small. But the prom that was held at the Marriott was quite an event. The kids filing in as we were leaving, looked rather sophisticated confident, well put together, despite the tacky dresses. They looked good on the girls.

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