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Pink vs pink

Perhaps each tennis entourage or camp doesn’t talk to each other: Roger Federer is wearing a mute pink while Nadal hot pink.  Image if they were to make to US Open final this Sept .. holy smoke my New York is going to be shrouded under a pink spell. .. Btw FedEx is not as sharp as he used to be.

Roger is playing against Berdych in the Rogers in Toronto.  He has gray short on, looking like a midtown secretary to me.  I knew I would feel sorry should Roger goes (retire), for not many players use single hand back hand, not to mention his elegant style.  .. but I’m cheering for Berdych.

Earlier today Maria Sharapova took out Bartoli. She wore the same dress. The only thing I’d like to change is shoulder of the dress, which unfortunately is bit too frilly for my taste.

Maria’s match has half or quarter filled audience while Roger played to a full house.

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