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There are moments ..

There are moments during a match that you could rise to the occasion, meet the challenge. And there are moments that one couldn’t, no matter what. I had that second moment in life last night at Queens first match. After winning the first set at 3, I lost all my mind and will. I was so disgusted … and disappointed; feeling very sorry to have let my partner down, who worked and drove us there .. Over all, the matches were well played and I enjoyed our opponents. (At least someone was happy .. wink .. wink .. wink ..)

It wasn’t the best time for traveling/driving due to the icy condition last night. But the road was rather empty at around 7pm, normally would be crowded with rush hour traffic.

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We made the playoff

YES we did it!
Thanks to the mates on the team!
Thank you for your support and consideration!

We didn’t have a perfect season like the last one but nevertheless we finished the season being the number 1 team in our 6-team division with 92 points. The possible maximum points one team could earn is 130 pts and there is a team in Div 3 who raked in 122.5 pts .. holy smoke .. smoking hot :). Division 2’s leading team has 95.5 points. The wild card to fill the fourth spot is yet to be decided because Div 1 (73.5 pts) and 2 (78 pts) 小二s has one more match to go. Div 3 #2 team has played all 10 matches ending with 83 points.

P.S. the final standing ..

It has been an exciting season for us, drama free, unfortunately. And learning for me as well. We had our first default, and I asked the dumbest question .. ..
We played our last match at Randall’s Island Sportime. It has many corners for spectators and we took advantage of it, did wine and cheese afterward – thanks to Margaret.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the team. It’s been a privilege playing with you all.

Let’s play more! Pix on FB
This club has few cozy corners for spectators ..

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